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Basic Info
Type Pistol
Cartridge Type 9x19mm
Ammo Capacity 15 (+1)
Basic Stats
Fire Rate 360 6 bullets per second
Damage Falloff The max distance a bullet will travel
before being affected by damage fall off
Equip Time 0.26s
Pick-Up Time Higher weight increases time 0.37s Unrounded value: 0.371s
Weight 0.72kg
Length 19cm
Bullet Accuracy The overall accuracy of the gun.
This value is added to Hip Fire and Aiming Accuracy.
Hip Fire Accuracy This value is added to Bullet Accuracy with rounding. 1.7° 1.9° (with Bullet Accuracy)
Aiming Accuracy This value is added to Bullet Accuracy without rounding.
Values past the 100th place are not shown ingame.
0.23° 0.43° (with Bullet Accuracy)
Running Accuracy 2.4°
Other Info
Attachment Comb  18
Spawn Locations LCZ - Armory
HCZ - Ammunition Armory
Weapon Locker Type 21
Obtainable from 914? True
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension High Tier (0%)
Inspired by H&K USP
USP Match (Extended Barrel)
Spawn ID 30

The COM-18 is a type of Firearm in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It is a semi-powerful pistol, that acts as an upgraded version of the COM-15.

In Game

The COM-18's stats makes it an effective weapon to use midgame for taking out singular targets. The light weight of the COM-18 makes it an effective secondary weapon, that can be quickly pulled out and used in emergencies.
Holding down the E key on a player with the firearm equipped will disarm the player.

The COM-18 has 3 possible spawn locations:

The COM-18's reload animations becomes slightly longer when reloading a COM-18 that contains an empty magazine.


Attachment Stats
Iron Sights
ADS Zoom 1.22x
Default Attachment
Dot Sight
ADS Zoom 1.05x
Equip Time +0.01s
Weight +28%

Attachment Stats
Standard Barrel
Default Attachment
Gunshot loudness -60%
Bullet accuracy +25%
Flash Suppression
Equip Time +0.09s
Length +92%
Weight +49%
Extended Barrel
Damage +15%
Penetration +10%
Equip Time +0.09s
Aiming Speed -35%
Length +45%
Weight +69%

Attachment Changes
Default Attachment
Laser Sight
Hip-Firing Accuracy +233%
Equip Time +0.03s
Laser is visible to others
Weight +28%
Light Source
Equip Time +0.03s
Weight +28%


No Armor Light Armor Combat Armor Heavy Armor
Standard Extended Standard Extended Standard Extended Standard Extended
Ammo Type 9x19 mm 9x19 mm 9x19 mm 9x19 mm 9x19 mm 9x19 mm 9x19 mm 9x19 mm
One hit to kill.
Two hits to kill.
Three hits to kill.
Four hits to kill.
Five hits to kill.


  • These values are auto calculated by Mediawiki, there may be some rounding differences between it and Unity, so some values may be off by a tiny bit.
  • Armor does not reduce limb damage.
  • Shotgun does not deal headshot or limb damage.
  • SCPs do not take limb or headshot damage.
  • SCP-049 has 20% bullet resistance. Hume Shield does not have any resistance
  • SCP-173's bullet resistance is the same as Heavy Armor. Hume Shield does not have any resistance
  • Combat Armor and Heavy Armor have the same protection level against headshots. While Light Armor has no protection against headshots
  • The rows listed as AHP represents how much damage HP takes while under the effects of AHP. It does not represent how much AHP is lost.



Equip Animation
Inspect Animation
Reload Animation
Reload Animation (from unload)
Unload Animation

Official 2.1k Render
Official Render for MPI Changelog

File:Pistol USP.png
The former inventory icon of the COM-18 (known as the USP), before the Parabellum (v11.0) update.


  • The former name of the COM-18 was USP.
    • The name, model, and gun mechanics were changed in the 11.0.0 update.
  • "COM" in COM-18 does not stand for anything, and is simply random letters.

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