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ATTENTION! This page contains unmarked spoilers for SCP: Secret Laboratory. Players who wish to figure out things on their own or make their own theories may wish to not read this page.

This article is about the Manufacturers. For pages with similar naming, see the Lore (Disambiguation) page.


The SCP SL Universe is home to different types of manufacturers responsible for the creation of firearms, anomalies and other items. The Foundation and Chaos Insurgency get many of their supplies from these companies, but most of the companies are independent and are unaware what the Foundation or Chaos Insurgency actually do. Some of these companies are owned by the Foundation or work closely with them. The following sections will list known manufacturers and anything they are credited for. Manufacturers taken from the Foundation Wiki will only list items that are in-game or referenced in someway outside the Foundation Wiki.


Advanced Apartment Corp.

Advanced Apartment Corp. is an independent company located in the USA.
They manufactured the following:

Eagle Tactical Solutions

Eagle Tactical Solutions is a company located in the United State, responsible for supplying the Foundation with Flashbang Grenades. The text on the Flashbang Grenade's model suggest they are located at 275 Lavon Road in Eagle Pass, TX 78852. The back of the Flashbang Grenade also mentions Euclid and Keter SCPs, implying that Eagle Tactical Solution works closely with the Foundation and is aware of their work.
They manufactured the following:

Foundation Gunworks

Foundation Gunworks is a Foundation owned company located in the USA near Area-14. The company manufactures weapons and attachments for the Foundation to use. While some of the firearms they created are inspired by other weapons, such as the Crossvec being inspired by the KRISS Vector SMG and the FSP-9 being inspired by the H&K MP7A1, the Foundation created ones are intended to be their own custom variant. Hence why the FSP-9 uses 9x19mm rounds while the H&K MP7A1 uses 4.6x30mm rounds (A change most likely done to have a universal ammo for most Foundation firearms). The Crossvec is the standard issue firearm for MTF Privates, despite the fact the KRISS Vector SMG is rarely used by special forces due to being hard to use in difficult environments. This suggests that the Foundation's variant of the KRISS Vector SMG was designed to better suit combat. One of the main differences is their recoil, the KRISS Vector has a unique recoil reduction system that dampens on of the main causes for recoil in firearms. This does not fully remove the recoil for the firearm, only dampens it. This leads to a recoil pattern that goes downwards. The Crossvec ingame has a recoil pattern that goes upwards, suggesting the Foundation may have omitted this system in the Crossvec. Most likely done so the firearm can be easy to learn if its follows a normal recoil pattern.
They manufactured the following:

  • COM-18
    • Suppressor Attachment
  • Crossvec
  • Facility Recovery-Standard Rifles
    • MTF-E11-SR: Designated rifle for Epsilon-11
    • Various unnamed designations not in-game
  • FSP-9


Gunex is an independent company that manufactures different types of weapon attachments. The Chaos Insurgency use some of these attachments for their AKs. They manufactured the following:

  • The following AK attachments
    • Holographic Sight
    • Telescopic Sight
    • Laser
    • Flashlight
    • Drum AP Mag
    • Drum JHP Mag
  • The Shotgun's Holographic Sight.
    • The Shotgun's Holographic Sight is the same as the AK's Holographic Sight.


Industries is a company with little known information about. They most likely help supply the Foundation with powerful technology to make powerful weapons, as their name can be found on the Micro H.I.D. Due to the fact the blueprint for the Micro H.I.D. are made by the Foundation, this may imply they work closely with the Foundation or are even owned by them.
They manufactured the following:

Lunae Defence

Lunae Defence is an independent company located in Great Britain that specializes in manufacturing weapon attachments. They have been around since the year 1925.
They manufactured the following:

  • The following COM-18 attachments
    • Dot Sight
    • Extended AP Magazine
    • Extended JHP Magazine
    • Laser Sight
    • Flashlight
  • The following Crossvec attachments
    • Dot Sight
    • Holographic Sight
    • Night Vision Scope
    • Suppressor
  • The following FSP-9 attachments
    • Suppressor
    • Dot Sight
    • Holographic Sight
  • The following MTF-E11-SR attachments
    • Holographic Sight
    • Dot Sight
    • Night Vision Scope
    • Telescopic Sight
    • Muzzle Booster
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Suppressor
    • FMJ Drum Magazine

Luty Arms Co.

Luty Arms Co. is an independent company that was founded in Great Britain, but in 1920 moved to Agua Fria, Texas. Luty Arms Co. specializes in creating weaponry.
They manufactured the following:

PG Arms

PG Arms is an independent company located in Italy, responsible for the supplying the COM-15 sidearm found in-game. It should be noted that the COM-15 in-game is a personal firearm brought in by a Junior Researcher and is not a Foundation issued weapon. This suggests that PG Arms are not a supplier for the Foundation, due the Foundation using Foundation Gunworks and Lunae Defence for their firearm needs instead.
They manufactured the following:

Standard BGT. Co.

Standard BGT. CO. is an independent company located in New France, Connecticut of the USA. Information on them is limited, but it seems they have a focus on manufacturing weapons for law enforcement use.
They manufactured the following:

SCP Objects

Blam-O MFG Co

Blam-O MFG Co is an independent company located in Paris, Texas. They specialize in making toys for the general public. SCP-018 is branded as being made by them, though it is unknown if they actually made SCP-018 or if an unknown third party simply just used their name as a disguise.


Conta-Cola is an independent beverage company that sells soda to the public. SCP-207 is branded as a Conta-Cola beverage in-game. Though, it is unknown if it was accidentally created by the Conta-Cola company, or by an unknown third party which used the Conta-Cola brand as a disguise.

The Factory

(The following company is not exclusive to the SCP Secret Laboratory Universe and is from the Foundation Wiki. The information in this section is deprived from the Foundation Wiki and may not be accurate to the SCP SL Timeline. They have a dedicated page on the Foundation Wiki here.)
The Factory is a very mysterious and poorly understood company that was most likely founded in 1835. They are responsible for the creation of numerous anomalous objects or supply other companies with equipment to create their own anomalous object.

They supplied Titan Consumer Appliances and Electronics the ectoplasm used in SCP-2176.

Prometheus Labs Inc

(The following company is not exclusive to the SCP Secret Laboratory Universe and is from the Foundation Wiki. The information in this section is deprived from the Foundation Wiki and may not be accurate to the SCP SL Timeline. They have a dedicated page on the Foundation Wiki here.)
Prometheus Labs Inc was a company founded in 1892 to research anomalous objects for use in future technologies. They are one of the many Groups of Interest marked by the Foundation.
Prometheus Labs would sell advanced and anomalous technologies to governments, militaries and other Groups of Interest. The company would sometimes work with the Foundation for the containment of anomalous objects but would not cease their production of anomalous technologies despite efforts made by the Foundation. In 1998, the company dissolved due to financial decline, and their subsidiaries would later rebrand themselves into their own company. Many former employees at Prometheus Labs would later work at the Foundation.
They manufactured the following:

Known subsidiaries:

  • Prometheus Bioengineering
    • Rebranded to Amrita Therapeutics
  • Prometheus Energy
    • Rebranded to Archimedes
  • Prometheus Automobile Group
    • Rebranded to Argo Automotives
  • Prometheus Chemicals
    • Rebranded to Iris Arts
  • Prosthetics Division of Prometheus Medical
    • Rebranded to Silver Hand Cybernetics
  • Prometheus Software Solutions
    • Rebranded to Redzone Security
  • Prometheus Consumer Technologies
    • Rebranded to Titan Consumer Appliances and Electronics

Titan Consumer Appliances and Electronics

(The following company is not exclusive to the SCP Secret Laboratory Universe and is from the Foundation Wiki. The information in this section is deprived from the Foundation Wiki and may not be accurate to the SCP SL Timeline.)
Titan Consumer Appliances and Electronics (TCAE) is a paratechnology company that has a focus on producing anomalous technology for consumer use. They were originally a division of Prometheus Labs Inc under the name Prometheus Consumer Technologies but in 1999 they rebranded due to Prometheus Labs being dissolved. Following the containment of SCP-2176, TCAE agreed to help the Foundation create paratechnology for use by the Foundation. This agreement also meant TCAE could no longer be supplied by The Factory.
They manufactured the following:

  • SCP-2176
    • Ectoplasm supplied by The Factory




Hykia is a company located in Sweden that manufactures a variety of items, most notably the Radio. The front of the Radio says "Site-02 Security Department" on it, suggesting that Hykia possibly works closely with the Foundation.

Despite not being found in-game, the back of the Radio also mentions to only use Hykia branded chargers to recharge the Radio (Though this is only an attention to detail and not confirmation for a charger being added).
They manufactured the following:

  • Radio
    • LI-Ion Battery Model Bat-420/J
    • Radio Charger (Not in-game)
  • Flashlight

Not located In Game

This section is to list manufactures that do not appear in-game but exist in the Secret Labatory Universe. These companies for the most part have only appeared in teasers or trailers. Since these companies are not located in-game, they should not be considered as fully canon.

People's Capital Star

People's Capital Star is an independent news printing company located in New York City. One of their newspapers appears at the start of the Xmas 2021 trailer reporting on strange weather conditions in the USA which have caused temperatures to drop extremely low.

The Cavendish Institute

The Cavendish Institute is an independent company located in New York City. They appear near the start of the Xmas Trailer on the newspaper and later on the billboard. What they do is currently unknown but their billboard describes they want to make the world a better place. Their ads always seem to have a focus on the moon.

The SCP-939 Rework teaser shows they manufacture a brand of whiteboard markers.


Tiffany's is an independent company that seems to be located in the United States. They are a delivery service that has a focus on breakfast related foods.
In the Xmas 2021 Trailer, they are seen delivering SCP-244-A to the mayor of New York City, Stephen Galeoto. It is unknown how they acquired SCP-244-A.


  • The company "Hykia" name is a combination of the real life companies, Hytera and Nokia.
  • Luty Arms Co. is named after a British gun designer.
  • Eagle Tactical Solutions is named after the real life company, Combined Tactical Systems.
  • On the offical SCP wiki for the SCP-018's and SCP-207's articles, Conta-Cola and Blam-O MFG Co are referred to as Coca-Cola and Wham-O respectively.
    • They were renamed in-game for legal reasons as both are the names of real-life companies.
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