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3-X Molecular Disruptor
Basic Information
Type Experimental Energy Rifle
Manufactor Foundation Gunworks (Incorrectly Listed)
Weapon Stats
Ammo Capacity 5
Blast Damage 200
Speed Penalty -2%
Stamina Penalty -3%
Other Information
Notes Fails after 5 shots
Skips Armor, AHP, HS
Spawn Locations Remote Admin
Inspired by The Fusion Weapons from pre-v6.0.0

The developers are working on improving the model of the 3-X Molecular Disruptor and how to make it fit into natural gameplay such as spawning. Because of this, 3-X Molecular Disruptor can only be acquired via Remote Admin and SCP-914.

The 3-X Molecular Disruptor is a sci-fi laser Weapon in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It is a powerful and rare weapon, effective towards both human and SCP targets.

In Game[edit]

The 3-X Molecular Disruptor is a powerful weapon, capable of shooting only 5 times before malfunctioning, and failing. The weapon does not shoot immediately, but charges for a moment and emits a warning beep before shooting. It then reloads, which takes 9 seconds.
Aiming through the sights shows a glitched screen displaying a zoomed in view. It has no available attachments.

Instead of bullets, the 3-X Molecular Disruptor shoots a laser that deals 200 damage on direct hit. The laser entirely bypasses Armor, Artificial HP, and Hume Shield (other effects, like SCP-106's damage resistance, still apply). The weapon has an area of effect blast that allows it to still damage targets if a direct hit is missed.
The laser is capable of destroying doors as well as setting off Grenades and SCP-018 at long range. The weapon also penetrates through glass a couple times, before shattering it.
Terminated targets disintegrate floating upwards instead of falling.

The weapon's power makes it effective to kill a small group of people, but the long reloading time leaves the player open. Due to the fact that the 3-X MD bypasses a SCP's Hume Shield, it can be used in dealing permanent damage to a SCP, or possibly kill one on low health.

Shooting displays a laser animation that does not need to line up with the target to hit - the weapon is hitscan, and the laser is instant in practice.

The 3-X Molecular is also capable of destroying instances of SCP-244 and Tantrum Puddles left behind by SCP-173.



  • The reticle on the sight screen, a circle with 3 radial lines, is similar to the SCP logo.
  • Its design was inspired by the energy-based firearms used in very old versions of SCP: Secret Laboratory.
  • Despite leaving no bodies behind, the death message for the 3-X Molecular Disruptor is "molecularly disrupted".
  • The inspect noises for the 3-X Molecular Disruptor is from The Final Flash of Existence, the main theme of the game.
  • The 3-X Molecular Disruptor was added in the Xmas 2021 Event and could solely be found from SCP-2536.
    • The concept of finding a new weapon in SCP-2536 is from its original file, where Class-D personnel found SCP-2536 during a breach and were gifted "anomalous weaponry."