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Micro H.I.D.
Basic Information
Type Experimental Energy Weapon
Length 122.5 cm
Weight 21.5 kg
Description "Micro High-Intensity Electrical
Discharge Thrower"
Manufacturer Industries
Weapon Stats
Ammo Capacity 1
Blast Damage 90
Blast Damage (DPS) 1150
Blast Duration 10s
Arm Time 5s
Fire Delay 2s
Stamina Penalty -50%
Other Information
Spawn Locations Heavy Containment Zone
Obtainable from 914? True
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension High Tier (0%)
Spawn ID 16

The Micro High Intensity Discharge Thrower also known as the Micro H.I.D. for short, is an experimental Weapon in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It is an extremely powerful weapon that is effective at terminating SCP subjects.

Operational Guide[edit]

An experimental, high-intensity discharge thrower developed by Site-02’s Advanced Weapons department. Labeled in Foundation registries under Project: Segmentum, the Micro H.I.D serves as a powerful weapon capable of terminating most SCP objects. 

“I worry about why we are beginning to invest our resources in developing weapons, rather than improved containment methods for anomalies. “Segmentum” has been responsible for the termination of SCP-████, SCP-████, SCP-███, and SCP-████. Many more that escaped during the “Shattered Crown” scenario have been marked for termination under the E.P.C. I don’t normally question my superiors, but I don’t understand why the Overseers have been more open to approving SCP-termination requests.”
-Dr. Katelyn Wright, Head of Project: Segmentum

In Game[edit]

The Micro H.I.D. was created by Site-02 and functions as a highly powerful weapon, dealing 1150 DPS. This is the highest amount of DPS that can be dealt to SCPs. It is capable of instantly killing any human in its path and making short work of SCP subjects. The weapon requires a charge time before it can be used, which is the main weakness of the weapon. The mechanical whirs and charging sound of the Micro H.I.D. will make most players run away in fear, meaning it can be used for this effect alone. The weapon can be fired for a controlled amount and kept in a charged state by holding Right Click.png Right Click, but this slowly drains the weapons power.

The Micro H.I.D. can be recharged with SCP-914 with the 1:1, Fine and Very Fine settings.

The Micro H.I.D. will break most glass windows it hits but cannot break doors.

The Micro H.I.D. will not kill teammates if Friendly Fire is enabled unless the player directly aims at their teammates. This is to avoid accidental kills.

The Micro H.I.D. does not count as a firearm for inventory limits or hotkeys.


The Micro H.I.D. can be fired by holding down Left Click.png Left Click to slowly charge up the Micro H.I.D., which will then automatically fire after 5 seconds. The Micro H.I.D. will consume energy while charging up and firing will greatly increase the rate of consumption.

The Micro H.I.D. will keep firing until it either runs out of energy or Left Click.png Left Click is released.

By holding Right Click.png Right Click, the Micro H.I.D. will still charge up and loose energy but won't fire.
This can be used to get the Micro H.I.D. charged up before hand and then Left Click.png Left Click once a target is in range. This will slowly consume the Micro H.I.D.'s remaining energy, so it should be used wisely.


  • Charge time of 5 seconds
  • Firing delay of 2 seconds
  • The weapon can be continuously fired for at most 10 seconds at full charge.


Related Achievements[edit]

  • Killing an SCP with the Micro H.I.D. grants the Microwave Meal achievement.
  • Jumping into a Tesla Gate while holding the Micro H.I.D. grants the Overcurrent achievement.
  • As an SCP, killing someone who is firing the Micro H.I.D. grants the I'll Pass, Thanks achievement.
  • As SCP-096, dying to the Micro H.I.D. while entering rage mode grants the Involuntary Rage-Quit achievement.



Equip Animation
Charge Animation
Fire Animation


  • The Micro H.I.D. is inspired, and directly based upon the H.I.D. Turret from SCP: Containment Breach.
    • While the H.I.D. Turret in SCP: Containment Breach only fired a bright charge of light, the Micro H.I.D. fires a lethal beam.
  • A closer look at the Micro HID model reveals two pieces of text on it:
    • The first one reads "SEND HELP Hubert is holding me at gun point"
    • The second one reads "167151154154040163150151156145". When translated with Octal, these numbers turn into "will shine".
  • The Micro H.I.D. model is inverted ingame due to the fact it was accidentally modeled as a left handed weapon. This can easily be seen by looking for the "167151154154040163150151156145" text easter egg, as it appears backwards on the model.
    • The "SEND HELP Hubert is holding me at gun point" appears on the model normally, meaning it was added after the model was inverted.