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ATTENTION! You are reading a wiki that was created for Patron and Beta Builds. Information may not be accurate to the base game. The main wiki can be found here

There are a total of 35 achievements in SCP: Secret Laboratory. These achievements are listed as the following:

Human Achievements

Achievements that are solely related to the human classes.

Access Granted
As a Class-D Personnel, kill a Scientist holding a Keycard.

Be Polite. Be Efficient
With a firearm, kill five enemies in under 30 seconds. The timer starts after the first kill.

Change in Command
Disarm an MTF operative.

Escape Artist
Be the first player in the round to escape as a civilian class.

Executive Access
Pick up a Keycard that has all permissions.

Fire In The Hole
Kill another player with an explosion.

For Science!
Escape as a Scientist.

Ha! I didn't even feel that!
Use Artificial HP to survive a hit that would normally kill you.

Is This Thing On?
Interact with the Intercom located in Entrance Zone.

It's Always Left, Brothers!
Escape as a Class-D Personnel.

Lights Out
Respawn as MTF after dying.

Jump into a Tesla Gate while holding the Micro H.I.D.

They Are Just Resources...
As a Scientist, kill a collective total of 50 Class-D Personnel.

Walk It Off
Take fall damage that is more than 50% of your current health.

We of Delta Command...
Respawn as Chaos Insurgent after dying.

... You Thinking What I'm Thinking?
Pick up any firearm as a Class-D Personnel.

SCP Achievements

Achievements which are related to both the playable and non-playable SCPs.

Anomalously Efficient
As an SCP, kill a player within the first minute of the round starting.

Crisis Averted
Use SCP-500 when you are about to die.

Don't Blink
Survive an encounter with SCP-173.

As a Scientist, upgrade your Keycard in SCP-914 along side a Class-D Personnel.

He'll Be Back...
Successfully escape the Pocket Dimension after being captured by SCP-106.

High on the Wings of Caffeine
As a civilian class, escape the facility while under the effects of SCP-207

I'll Pass, Thanks
As an SCP, kill (or send to the Pocket Dimension) a human who is charging the Micro H.I.D.

If you want something done right...
As a Scientist, terminate any SCP.

Melancholy of Decay
As SCP-106, send a player to the Pocket Dimension within five seconds of fully emerging from the ground.

Microwave Meal
As a human, successfully terminate an SCP with the Micro H.I.D.

My Cure Is Most Effective...
As SCP-049, successfully convert ten players into SCP-049-2 instances.

Recontain SCP-096 while they are entering Rage.

Proceed With Caution
Successfully pass through a Tesla Gate that SCP-079 is watching.

Property of the Chaos Insurgency
As a Class-D Personnel, escape with two or more SCP items in your inventory.

Secure. Contain. Protect.
Recontain the last living SCP in the round while playing as an MTF Unit. Does not apply to SCP-079 or SCP-049-2.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Achievements that don't fit into the categories listed above.
It is important to note that the Halloween and Christmas achievement are tied to the actual updates. Just because props are spawning does not mean the Achievement is enabled. For more information, read Clutter System.

Happy Halloween!
Play the game during a Halloween Event. The auto spawning props during October do not count as the event.

Merry Christmas!
Play the game during a Christmas Event. The auto spawning props during December do not count as the event.

T-minus 90 seconds...
Be on the Surface Zone when the Alpha Warhead detonates.

That was... close.
Cancel the Alpha Warhead with 15 seconds or less remaining.

Removed Achievements

Achievements that have been removed from the game.

Survive a hit from a Tesla Gate as an SCP.

Upcoming Star
Successfully submitted a score to an SCP: SL Tournament.


  • Certain achievements used to have different names.
    • Lights Out was originally called Gear Up, Boys!
      • At an even earlier point, it was called A rescue!
    • Happy Halloween! was originally called Halloween!
    • Change in Command was originally called The Tables Have Turned.
    • He'll Be Back… was originally called Larry Is Your Friend.
    • Access Granted was originally called NANI?!
    • We of Delta Command was originally called CHAAOOOOS!
    • Pacified was originally called Involuntary Rage Quit!
      • Before the rename, the achievement was given for dying as SCP-096 while entering rage.
    • Anomalously Efficient was originally called Wow, really?!
      • Before the rename, the achievement was given for dying within one minute of the round starting.
    • Executive Access was originally called Overpowered
      • Before the rename, the achievement was given for picking up the O5 Keycard itself instead of "picking up any Keycard that has all permissions".
    • Be Polite. Be Efficient was originally called Pew Pew!
      • Before the rename, the timer would start the second the player pulled out a firearm.
      • The name, Be Polite. Be Efficient, is a refence to a line said by the Team Fortress 2 Sniper in a YouTube video titled "Meet the Sniper".
    • Walk It Off was originally called Gravity Works Here!
      • Before the rename, the achievement was given for dying to fall damage.
    • Fire In The Hole was originally called Look! I'm a Rocket
      • Before the rename, the achievement was given for blowing yourself up with an explosion.
      • The achievement's icon shows the older appearance of the High-Explosive Grenade back when it was called the Fragmentation Grenades.
    • Proceed With Caution was originally called Deep Fried
      • Before the rename, the achievement was given for dying to a Tesla Gate.
    • Melancholy of Decay was originally called Newb
      • Before the rename, the achievement was given for dying inside the Pocket Dimension.
    • Don't Blink was originally called Is this your first time?
      • Before the rename, the achievement was given for dying to SCP-173.
  • The words "Winners Don't Do Drugs" on the achievement High on the Wings of Caffeine is referring to an anti-drug slogan that appeared on arcade machines in the United States from 1989 to 2000.
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