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High-Explosive Grenade
Type Throwable
Damage Varies
Does less damage
to Humans than to SCPs
Arm Time 5s
Spawn Locations LCZ Armory
Weapon Locker Type 21
On MTF Operatives (except Privates)
Applied Effects Burned Effect Increases the damage the player takes
Concussed Effect Causes the players screen to get blurry when they turn
Spawn ID 25

The High-Explosive Grenade is a type of Weapon in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It is a throwable explosive device used to deal damage to opponents within its blast radius.

In Game[edit]

The High-Explosive Grenade can be thrown a long distance by pressing Left Click.png Left Click, or a shorter distance by pressing Right Click.png Right Click.

Once thrown, the High-Explosive Grenade has a timer of five seconds before detonation. Players damaged by the High-Explosive Grenade will be given both the Burned Increases the damage the player takes and Concussed Causes the players screen to get blurry when they turn Status Effects. The time these effects last depends on range, with point blank range being ten seconds.

By holding down Left Click.png Left Click and not releasing it, the player will not toss the High-Explosive Grenade and keep holding onto it, allowing the player to aim and better time their grenade toss. It is important to note that this will not cook the grenade as the five second fuse only starts once thrown. Killing a player who is currently aiming a High-Explosive Grenade will cause it to fall to the ground and start its fuse as its pin has been pulled.

The maximum damage a High-Explosive Grenade can deal is 750. Its range is fairly small, as being 1.5 meters (2 Hubes; approximately the size of an elevator) away will reduce the damage to 300.

Doors and walls block off all damage from the High-Explosive Grenade. However, most doors will get destroyed if a High-Explosive Grenade explodes near them (the exceptions are checkpoint doors, gates, elevators, SCP-106's Containment Chamber door. The ability to destroy doors make them extremely effect at countering SCP-079 as they can not Blackout any room that has a destroyed door.

The High-Explosive Grenade's blast can also push other items and set off other High-Explosive Grenades, which could, in some situations, cause a chain-reaction of multiple High-Explosive Grenades going off (simultaneously).

By pressing R before the grenade is thrown, the player will reinsert the pin, cancelling the throw.

High-Explosive Grenade are also capable of destroying instances of SCP-244 and Tantrum Puddles left behind by SCP-173.

Server Config[edit]

There are two config options that control a multiplier for how much damage High Explosive Grenades deal to SCPs as well as the damage they deal to humans. Server owners can edit the config to change the damage multiplier on their server.
Interestingly, by default, the High-Explosive Grenade's multiplier damage to Humans is 0.7, while for SCPs the multiplier is 1.0. This means humans have a 30% grenade damage resistance while SCPs do not. Despite this, High-Explosive Grenade will one shot humans most of the time.

There are two config options to set a limit on High-Explosive Grenade chain-reactions. One allows to set a limit of how many High-Explosive Grenades on the ground can be set off by another High-Explosive Grenade (10 by default). The other option sets a limit on how long the chain-reaction can be; by default this is four.


Related Achievements[edit]

  • Killing yourself with a High-Explosive Grenade grants the Look! I'm a Rocket achievement.



  • The High-Explosive Grenade are one of two weapons to ignore SCP-106's damage resistance.
  • The former name of the High-Explosive Grenade was the Fragmentation Grenade.
    • Despite being a Fragmentation Grenade, it simply caused a normal explosion, which is how a High-Explosive Grenade works. An actual Fragmentation Grenade, when it explodes, will send out shrapnel in multiple directions to hurt its targets.
  • An even older grenade model was called the Positron Grenade, and had a futuristic look.
    • This version of the weapon had a bright blue flash when it exploded, and could damage through walls.