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Welcome to the Official SCP: Secret Laboratory Beta Wiki!
This is a beta wiki, content may quickly become outdated. Pages may be broken as we test out new or reworked templates! Our team is fairly busy atm. Sorry if any info is outdated or images are missing.
THIS WIKI IS SOLELY FOR THE SCP SL PATREON AND PUBLIC BETAS! Chances are it will not be updated during times when there are no betas or for betas that simply test anti-cheat changes.

Please note, it may take time for this wiki to update to the betas, there are many pages that have to be ported over. Including a bunch of formatting differences, pages may be broken while everything is being ported over.

Latest Update and Announcement
Most Recent Announcement

PATREON BETA!!!!!!!!!!!

Most Recent Beta Patch
Version: v12.0.0 Patreon Beta
Release Date: 11 Dec 2022
Update Highlights
    • SCP-096 is here! Details have been covered in our recent post
    • SCP-939’s remaining abilities:
      • ‘Set/Remove Mimic Point’, this allows you to change the position from which your ‘Mimicry’ sounds are transmitted.
      • ‘Environmental Mimicry’, which contains pre-recorded sounds.
    • SCP-049
      • SCP-049-2s are no longer resurrectable if they didn't die to humans.
      • ‘Good Sense of the Doctor’ is now immediately cancelled if SCP-049 attacks someone other than its target.
      • Implemented a counter of active SCP-049-2 instances.
      • Lowered SCP-049-2’s damage from 40 to 30, with improved hit registration.
      • Re-added SCP-049-2’s headshot multiplier.
      • Implemented indicators for bodies that can be revived.
    • SCP-106
      • Increased Hume Shield values.
      • Emerging from ‘Stalk’ will trigger a cooldown, preventing use of ‘Hunter's Atlas’ and ‘Stalk’ for 20 seconds. Each human captured reduces the cooldown by five seconds.
      • SCP-106 can now also see uninjured people at a short distance in ‘Stalk’.
      • ‘Attack Cooldown’ on miss has been removed; the cooldown on a successful hit has been lowered.
    • SCP-939
      • Increased range of ‘Claw’.
      • Humans are more likely to be detected by SCP-939 after making a footstep.
      • ‘Amnestic Cloud’ deploy speed has been increased significantly. Its maximum size was increased by 20% and its sound effect is no longer audible to humans.
      • ‘Amnesia’ will no longer prevent reloads or use of medical items for the first few seconds.
    • SCP-173
      • Health increased to 4000.
      • Reduced ‘Blink’ time from 3.6 to 3.0 seconds.
      • Reduced ‘Blink’ range from 9.1 to 8.0 metres.
      • Increased Hume Shield regeneration speed by 50%.
      • Killing players with ‘Stained’ effect applied immediately restores 400 Hume Shield points.
      • Rebalanced respawn tokens. Spawn waves should no longer be as repetitive.
      • Changed the appearance of ‘Remaining Targets’ indicator.
      • F1 menus are back.
      • Implemented sounds for SCP-106 sinkhole.
      • AFK kicker has been reimplemented.

    • A few visual bugs with Operational Guide.
    • Metrified SCP-049's attack range.
    • Christmas decorations in straight Light Containment Zone hallways.
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