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ATTENTION! You are reading a wiki that was created for Patron and Beta Builds. Information may not be accurate to the base game. The main wiki can be found here

Top-secret R&D and Emergency Containment Site-02
Top-secret R&D and Emergency Containment Site-02, also known simply as Site-02, is a hastily renovated Foundation site located in the boreal forests of [REDACTED]. The site is used for emergency containment as well as the study of altered anomalies. Site-02 is broken into many different Subsections, commonly called zones. In total there are four zones in Site-02.


The 4 Main Sections of Site-02


Furniture which spawns within the Zones. Most of these will randomly spawn.

Conceptual Locations

These locations are concepts represented in gameplay, but do not correspond to a physical location as of yet.

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