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The Remote Admin panel is a menu that helps moderators and administrators of servers in doing their job. A player must be authorised by the owner to use any of the Remote Admin features.


Welcome Page

The welcome page is the first page a player will see when opening the Remote Admin. Its simple purpose is to explain to the player how the menu is used and navigated.

Remote Admin Welcome

Player Info

The Player Info tab has 3 buttons (as of version 2.0.2), these being; Request, Request IP and Request Auth.


  • Select a player from the left column labeled "Players".
  • Press one of the 3 request buttons listed below.


The request button allows the user to view the following:

  • Name
  • Player ID
  • SteamID64
  • Server role
  • Any hidden roles (if authorised)
  • Active flags
  • Class (if authorised)
  • HP

Request IP

Similar to "request", but includes IP address used by the player to connect to the server. This can be used to find people using alternative accounts to bypass bans.

Request Auth

Shows the players authentication token along with a QR code.

Remote Admin Player Info


Admin tools allow moderators and administrators of servers to easily perform tasks without typing out commands.


  • Select a player from the left column labeled "Players".
  • Select the desired amount of time to remove them from the game for.
  • Click "Request".
Remote Admin Kick/Ban


Allows the user to change the current class of any player. Select a player or multiple, click the desired class, then hit the SET CLASS button. Force Class is the only way to make someone spawn as Tutorial without the use of plugins.

Remote Admin Forceclass

Give Item

Allows the user to give items to any other player. Select a player or multiple, click the desired item, then hit the REQUEST button.

Remote Admin Give item

Admin Tools


  • When a player is set as "overwatch" they cannot respawn via command or respawn wave. This is useful when watching over someone expected of breaking rules.

God Mode

  • When a player is put into "god mode" they cannot die.

Bypass Mode

  • A player that has "bypass" can open or use any item without the need of a keycard. This also allows infinite use of the intercom system.


  • Allows moderators and administrators to teleport other players to where they are needed. There are two types of teleport listed below.
    • Bring - brings the player selected to the person using the command.
    • Go to - Takes the person using the command to the player selected.


  • The "misc" category has 2 commands that don't fit into any of the other areas. These commands are listed below.
    • Heal - heals the player selected to default health.
    • Lockdown - locks all doors on the map.


  • Allows a player to toggle between Noclip with the I key. The noclip speed can be adjusted with the Scroll Wheel.


  • Select a player from the left column labeled "Players".
  • Select one of the admin tools listed.
Remote Admin Admin Tools

Door Management

Allows the user to interact with multiple doors around the facility. Normal hallway doors can be selected with the All button. The All (listed) will select all the other buttons shown in the menu. Doors that lead to special rooms, like 012, 049's armory etc. are listed as buttons that can also be selected. At the button is a list of possible interactions.
Any door that is opened will be shown in green in remote admin.
Any door that is locked will be outlined in red.
Any door that is destroyed will be shown in red.
After Decontamination all buttons of Light Containment Zone doors will be red, they can still be interacted with.
After Alpha Warhead blows up, all doors except the ones on Surface Zone will be red.

  • Open
    • Opens all the selected doors.
  • Closed
    • Closes all the selected doors.
  • Lock
    • Locks all the selected doors.
  • Unlock
    • Unlocks all the selected doors.
  • Destroy
    • Destroys all the selected doors, does not affect gates.
  • Teleport
    • Teleport to the selected door.
Remote Admin Door Management

Status Effects

Allows the user to give players any status effect as well as remove them. Positive status effects are shown in green, harmful ones are shown in red, mixed effects are shown in pink.

Remote Admin Status Effects

Player Mgmt

Allows the user to manage the speaking abilities of a player.

  • Mute
    • Mutes the player's mic.
  • Unmute
    • Unmutes the player's mic.
  • Icom - Mute
    • Bans the player from using the Intercom.
  • Icom - Unmute
    • Unbans the player from using the Intercom.
Remote Admin Player Mgmt

Server Events

  • Respawn MTF
  • Respawn CI
  • Restart Round
    • Restarts the current round.
  • Start Round
    • Forces the round to begin.
  • Kick Unconn.
    • Kicks players who haven't fully connected to the server.
  • Warhead Start
  • Warhead Stop
    • Turns off the Alpha Warhead detonation process.
  • Detonate
    • Detonates the Alpha Warhead immediately.
  • Icom Timeout
    • Forces the Intercom to cut out if a player is currently using it.
  • Icom Reset
    • Resets the Intercom cooldown, allowing it to be used right away.
  • Round Lock
    • Makes it so the current round will never end.
  • Lobby Lock
    • Stops the round from starting during the Please Wait lobby.
Remote Admin Server Events

Server Configs

Allows the user to toggle Friendly Fire and Spawn Protection settings.
Allows the user to edit some config options.

Remote Admin Server Configs

Spawn Tickets

Allows the user to see the current amount of Respawn Tickets that both Chaos and MTF have. The Refresh button near the top right must be clicked to update the tickets.
The menu will display 0 tickets for both teams until the refresh button is clicked.
The plus and minus buttons can be used to lower and increase the number of tickets.

Remote Admin Spawn Tickets


Allows the user to send a message to the top of a player's screen or everyone's screen. Has settings that let the user choose how long the message last as well as the color of the text.

Remote Admin Broadcasting

Text-Based Remote Admin

The Text-Based Remote Admin can be accessed by clicking the button at the bottom of the Remote Admin Panel.
Commands in Text-Based Remote Admin require the user's role to have certain Permissions to be able to perform them. Some permissions may only grant limited access over a command.

Name Aliases Description Parameters Required Permission
Admin Chat N/A Displays a message at the top of the screen to only admins. @<text> ATC
Broadcast BC Displays a message at the top of the screen to everyone. broadcast <length> <text> BRC
ban N/A Bans the user from the server. Ban <playerID> <length> BN1, BN2, BN3
buildinfo N/A Prints info about the current build. Buildinfo
cassie N/A Allows the user to force C.A.S.S.I.E. to make an announcement. cassie <Pitch_X.x> <jam_(delay)_(stutter amount)> <words> ANN
cassiewords N/A Prints all the words C.A.S.S.I.E. can say. cassiewords ANN
contact N/A List the server's contact info contact
config cfg Allows for config debugging and reloading. config path
config reload
config value <config_option>
destroytoy N/A Destory objects spawn in via spawntoy destroytoy
disarm da Forces a player to be disarmed, can only be undisarmed with the release command. disarm <playerID> PLM
ffd tk/tkd View friendly fire damage/kills done by a player. Pause/Unpause Friendly Fire ffd <playerID>
ffd status
ffd pause
ffd unpause
groups N/A List all roles on the server and their permissions. groups *
help N/A Displays a list of commands.
Displays help for a command.
HP N/A Set the HP value of a target. hp <playerID> <value> PLM
icom speak Toggles global voice over the intercom icom BRC
intercomtext icomtxt Change the text on the intercom intercomtext <text> BRC
oban N/A Bans an offline player. Duration can also be specified with units. oban <userIP> <duration> <reason>
oban <steamID/discordID> <duration> <reason>
overcharge ocharge Turns off the lights in Heavy, with the option to do so in Light as well. overcharge <duration> <onlyHeavy> = (true/false) FCM
perm N/A List all your permissions. perm *
Ping N/A Shows your current ping. ping
ping <playerID>
playerinventory playerinv/pinv/pinventory Displays the players inventory. playerinventory <playerID> PLM
PM N/A Used for editing permissions of groups. pm groups
For all the ones below, add "pm group" at the start.
info <group_name>
grant/revoke <group_name> <permission_name>
setcolor <color_name>
settag <groupname> <tag_name>
enablecover/disablecover <group_name>
refreshcommands N/A Reloads all the commands. refreshcommands
release free Release a disarmed player. release <playerID> PLM
ridlist rids Prints all room ids. ridlist
roomtp rtp/ridtps Teleports to the corresponding room ID. roomtp <roomID> PLM
roundtime rt Show the current round time. roundtime SCC
setgroup N/A Temporarily set a group to someone. setgroup <playerID> <group_name> SGR
spawntoy N/A Spawn in an object spawntoy primitiveobject <shape> <color> <size>
stopnextround N/A Stops the server at the end of the next round. stopnextround PRM
Unban N/A Unban a user from the server. Unban id <playerID>
Unban ip <userIP>
Wiki N/A Opens up the Remote Admin wiki page. N/A N/A

Permission Codes

A sortable table of permission codes. Click on the headers to sort it.

Code Name in configuration file Grants remote admin access
(*) Any permission N/A
BN1 KickingAndShortTermBanning YES
BN2 BanningUpToDay YES
BN3 LongTermBanning YES
FSE ForceclassSelf YES
FSP ForceclassToSpectator YES
FWR ForceclassWithoutRestrictions YES
GIV GivingItems YES
EWA WarheadEvents YES
ERE RespawnEvents YES
ERO RoundEvents YES
SGR SetGroup YES
GMD GameplayData YES
OVR Overwatch NO
FCM FacilityManagement YES
PLM PlayersManagement YES
PRM PermissionsManagement YES
SCC ServerConsoleCommands YES
VHB ViewHiddenBadges NO
CFG ServerConfigs YES
BRC Broadcasting YES
CDA PlayerSensitiveDataAccess YES
NCP Noclip NO
AFK AFKImmunity NO
ATC AdminChat YES
GHB ViewHiddenGlobalBadges NO
ANN Announcer YES
EFF Effects YES
FFI FriendlyFireDetectorImmunity NO
FFT FriendlyFireDetectorTempDisable YES

Room IDs

A sortable table of Room IDs. Please note that multiple rooms can have the same ID. Click on the headers to sort it.
Not every room has a Room ID, if it isn't on this list, it most likely doesn't have one.

ID Description Zone Number of rooms
CROSSING A 4-way intersection in LCZ LCZ 2
GATE_A The outside Area of Gate A on Surface Zone Surface 1
HC_079_CR SCP 079's containment chamber HCZ 1
HC_079_HALL The area between the two blast doors that lead into SCP 079's containment chamber HCZ 2
HC_079_MON The room for monitoring SCP 079 HCZ 1
HC_096_CR Presumably 096's containment chamber, but actually the room where the MicroHID is stored HCZ 1
HC_106_CR SCP 106's room, with both the rooms behind locked doors as well as freely-accessible ones having the same ID HCZ 3
HC_457_CR The room where SCP 096 spawns HCZ 1
HC_SERVERS The server room HCZ 4
HC_TESLA_B Every tesla gate in HCZ HCZ 4
HID Directly outside of the room where the MicroHID is stored HCZ 1
Intercom Directly outside of the intercom room Entrance 1
LC_914_CR Inside of 914's containment chamber LCZ 1
LC_ARMORY Presumably the armory in LCZ, but actually the red rooms in entrance Entrance 2
LC_CAFE The computer room in LCZ LCZ 1
nuke_hcz Directly outside of the elevator leading to the nuke room HCZ 1
nukesite Directly in front of the control panel to turn on the nuke HCZ 1
Offices_PCs The large computer room in entrance Entrance 1
Offices_PCs_small The small computer room in entrance Entrance 1
Offices_upstair The computer room in entrance with stairs Entrance 1
Shelter Directly outside of the blast door to the Evacuation Shelter Entrance 1
Smallrooms2 The hallway room with two locked doors in entrance Entrance 1
Straight_4 A hallway room in entrance Entrance 1
topsite Directly outside of the warhead control room on the surface Surface 1

Cassie Word List

The full Cassie word list and phrases can be found here.

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