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Chaos Insurgent
Health: 100 Stamina: 20sJump Power: 4.9
Sneak: 1.6 m/sWalk: 3.9 m/s Sprint: 5.4 m/s
Health: 100 Stamina: 18sJump Power: 4.9
Sneak: 1.6 m/sWalk: 3.9 m/s Sprint: 5.4 m/s
Health: 100 Stamina: 17sJump Power: 4.9
Sneak: 1.6 m/sWalk: 3.9 m/s Sprint: 5.4 m/s
Allies Enemies
Class-Ds Facility Guards
Mobile Task Force
Other Information
Spawn Location: Surface Zone
Class ID = 8

Chaos Insurgents are a military class that spawn on the Surface. Their goal is to eliminate all Foundation Personnel, while also rescuing any remaining Class-Ds.

Operational Guides

Class Operational Guide

Once a mere fragment, but now a formidable military power. Yet they remain little more than a shadow of their old Foundation employers. 

Founded in 1948, the Chaos Insurgency has managed to gain power and numerous military assets to use against the Foundation during facility raids.

Their primary objective is to purge the facility of Foundation personnel, and seize all assets that are deemed to serve the best interests of Delta Command — their elusive overseers.

"The Chaos Insurgency are a nasty bunch of people. Rumor has it, they used to be Alpha-1. They split away from the Foundations ages ago. Supposedly their vision did not exactly align with what the Foundation had in mind. Why do they raid our sites? Well, their recruits are told that they’re fighting and rebelling against the lies of the world; perpetrated by the Foundation. They’re told that they’ll create a utopia for humanity by using the anomalous. A utopia where humanity is the master of everything. But really, who knows what the Chaos Insurgency actually wants, right?”
-James Karlock, Assistant Director of Security, Site-02

Covert Ops Briefing

-Message from Delta Command

DeCIRO Catalog Number: CO-
Document Type: Covert Ops briefing Dates received: 2017-07-11 through 2018-11-07 Operation status: Open Foreword: The Foundation is crumbling beneath their treachery. Destroying their broken, twisted prayers to their pillar of containment. The steel supports, which uphold them, have begun to shake loose. Their hopes of security are desolated as they lie open and unprotected. We of Delta Command, and the engineer, believe that it is finally time to see through the chaos we have sown. Site-02 will be the final time we reap. Everything is prepared. Take the steps to heart, extract the prisoners, and slaughter the [DATA EXPUNGED].

In Game

Chaos Insurgents will spawn in later during a round as a reinforcement group (The 3 different sub-classes will spawn with different items). Their goal is to rescue all remaining Class-Ds, and escort them to the Surface, while also eliminating any opposing forces left in the round (MTF, Facility Guards, Scientists, or hostile SCPs).
Chaos Insurgents win with a "Insurgency Victory" if the amount of D-Class escapes are higher than the amount of Scientist escapes and uncontained SCPs, and all other Foundation Personnel have died.

Chaos can also choose to instead disarm Scientists and let them escape while detained. This will then turn the Scientist into Chaos, while also giving the Chaos two Respawn Tickets.

Chaos Insurgents are neutral to SCPs, meaning that both factions can choose to either co-operate or fight with each other. Regardless, Chaos Insurgents should still remain cautious of SCPs, as SCPs are required to kill any Class-Ds to achieve a "SCP Victory".

Upon spawning, the Insurgency has the advantage of surprise, as only the Class-D and other Chaos will be notified of their arrival via a subtle music cue (SCP-079 can tell if Chaos spawned by checking its map at tier 3 or above, but cannot hear the same cue).
However, this 'element of surprise' is more often ruined due to the loud and distinct noises of their boots while walking on the floor.

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The Chaos Insurgents spawn in waves of different subclasses. These subclasses have different gear and spawn chances that is based off the amount of players that respawned. Chaos Conscript only spawns by a Class-D or a disarmed Scientist that escapes.


The amount of players that spawned in as Chaos affects how much of each subclass will spawn in. The chart below shows the number of spawned players, and how they are divided into the subclasses.

Chaos Car
Num of Spawned Players Repressor (≤20%) Marauder (≤30%) Riflemen (Rem.)
3 -- -- 3
4 -- 1 3
5 1 1 3
6 1 1 4
7 1 2 4
8 1 2 5
10 2 3 5
12 2 3 7
14 2 4 8
15 3 4 8
20 4 6 10

Related Achievements

Click to view 2 achievement(s) related to Chaos Insurgent:

Change in Command
Disarm an MTF operative.

We of Delta Command...
Respawn as Chaos Insurgent after dying.


  • Chaos Insurgents and SCPs can ignore each other, despite both of their objectives clashing.
  • The Chaos Subclass names were chosen by an event where Patreon would suggest them via discord, then they were voted on by staff and Patreons. The Conscript subclass was not originally planned and the idea was instead suggested by the Patreon user Bapple, with the name "Conscript" coming from a Northwood staff member.
    • Conscript --> Ender
    • Rifleman --> Splatn’t
    • Marauder --> Crescent
    • Repressor was adapted from the name "Suppressor" which was suggested by Mikel.
    • The winner for the name for Rifleman was actually the word "Assault" and was suggested by CheeseChurger.
      • It was changed as the devs wanted the word to be three syllables.
    • For majority of 11.0 Beta, Maruader and Repressor were used on the wrong sub-class. With Repressor used on the Shotgunner and Maruader used on the Logicer sub-class. This was fixed during late public beta.
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