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Health: 100 Stamina: 20sJump Power: 4.9
Sneak: 1.6 m/sWalk: 3.9 m/s Sprint: 5.4 m/s

Health: 100 Stamina: 18sJump Power: 4.9
Sneak: 1.6 m/sWalk: 3.9 m/s Sprint: 5.4 m/s

Allies Enemies
None None
Other Information
Spawn Location: Surface Zone

Tutorial is an unused class that can be spawned by using the Remote Admin.

In Game[edit]

Tutorials were originally used for the In-Game tutorial, that has since been removed. They are treated as a military class when it comes to wearing armor.

It spawns with no items, and is stuck inside the tower right above the Alpha Warhead control room.

Currently it is mostly being used on the public communities for Admin interaction, in the case of an admin sit or an event, since its a neutral class, that is otherwise un-accessible.


  • The tutorial was narrated by The Volgun.
    • In the tutorial, if you manage to fail the tasks, the narrator will get more and more annoyed, until eventually leaving, causing the game client to close.
    • The tutorial itself has since been removed from the game.