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Overcharge is a Mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory that cause Heavy Containment Zone to be overloaded with power, forcing SCP-079 out of Site-02's systems.

In Game

In order to activate the Overcharge sequence, a player must press a button located inside SCP-079's Containment Chamber. Once the button has been pushed, the Overcharge event will occur.

However, SCP-079's containment chamber is locked shut at the start of the round, making it impossible for players to enter. In order to unlock the chamber, players must activate the 3 Emergency Power Stations located around Heavy Containment Zone. These stations require a Keycard with Armory Access 2 

Armory Access 2
to unlock, and can be open and closed by anyone afterwards.

Once all 3 generators have been successfully activated, SCP-079's Containment Chamber will be permanently opened, and cannot be shut. Players must then enter the smaller side room in the containment chamber, and break the glass over the large red button. Once the glass has been broken, the Overcharge sequence will occur, which locks all doors, and shuts off all lights in Heavy Containment for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the power will be restored, and SCP-079 (if present in the round) will be forced out of Site-02's systems and be successfully re-contained.
If SCP-079 is the last SCP alive in a round, the Overcharge event will automatically occur after 3 seconds.

Text-Based Remote Admin

Using Text-Based Remote Admin, one can force an Overcharge in Heavy Containment Zone with the overcharge command. The parameters are as follow: overcharge <duration> <onlyHeavy>. The <onlyHeavy> parameter will cause the blackout to happen in Light Containment Zone if set to false. Forcing an Overcharge with Remote Admin does not kill SCP-079, and is simply only used to blackout Heavy Containment Zone and Light Containment Zone, making this command useful for server events.


"3 out of 3 generators activated. All generators have been successfully engaged."



  • Overcharge will not happen if the Alpha Warhead is going off.
  • Re-containing SCP-079 with Overcharge will not give MTF any Respawn Tickets.
  • SCPs cannot break the glass over the button.
    • In the private beta testing stage of v11.0.0., it was possible for SCP-049-2 instances to break the glass over the button, and re-contain SCP-079.
      • This was later fixed before the public beta was released.
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