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Status Effects are a mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory that are used to change the stats of a player.
Status Effects can be applied via Remote Admin or other sources in game.

Currently, a lot of status effects can only be applied via Remote Admin.

List of Status Effects[edit]

Positive Status Effects are shown in green.
Negative Status Effects are shown in red.
Mixed Status effects are shown in pink.

Name Effects In game Source Removed after/by
Bodyshot Reduction Reduces damage taken from bodyshots Rainbow Candy -
Damage Reduction Reduces all forms of damage Purple Candy 20 seconds
Invigorated Gives the player infinite sprint. Adrenaline; Yellow Candy 20 seconds (Adrenaline)
8 Seconds (Yellow Candy)
Invisibility Makes the player invisible for a short time. SCP-268 15 seconds
Movement Boost Increases movement speed, up to 355%; each intensity point adds 1% Adrenaline 20 seconds
Rainbow Taste Reduces severity of the following negative effects: Amnesia, Bleeding, Burned, Concussed, Hemorrhage, Poisoned and SCP-207.
The Rainbow Taste Effect must be applied before the Amnesia and Concussed effect to reduce/stop them.
Rainbow Candy 10 seconds
Vitality Immunity to negative status effects. Decontamination and Pocket Dimension ignore this immunity. SCP-207 no longer deals damage. Green Candy 30 seconds
Amnesia Cause the player to not be able to reload their weapon or open their inventory.
Makes it slightly harder to see. The Rainbow Taste Effect reduces how long Amensia is applied.
Being bit by SCP-939 SCP-500
3 seconds
1.7 seconds (Rainbow Taste Effect)
Asphyxiated Drains the player's stamina; if there is no stamina left to drain
it will instead drain the player's health.
- -
Bleeding Damage over time; starts high but gets lower.
Damage dealt every 5 seconds. Damage: 20HP - 2HP.
Rainbow Taste effect causes a 40% chance per tick for no damage to be dealt.
- First Aid Kit
Damage reduced by SCP-500
Blinded Makes the player's screen very blurry. - -
Burned Increases the damage the player takes.
Damage is increased by a multiple of 1.25. Rainbow Taste Effect reduces the multiplier to 0.7x.
Explosion from SCP-018
High-Explosive Grenade
First Aid Kit
10 seconds
Concussed Causes the players screen to get blurry when they turn.
The faster they turn the blurrier it gets. Rainbow Taste Effect has a 40% to stop Concussed from being applied.
Explosion from SCP-018
High-Explosive Grenade
10 seconds.
Corroding Teleports the player to the Pocket Dimension.
Drains HP.
Attacked by SCP-106 Exiting the
Pocket Dimension
Deafen Makes it harder for the player to hear noises. Flashbang Grenade SCP-500
3-5 seconds
Decontaminating Removes 10% of the players' health every second. Decontamination Process -
Disabled Slows down all movement. - -
Ensnared Stops all movement. - -
Exhausted Halves the maximum stamina capacity and stamina regeneration rate. - -
Flashed Makes the player unable to see at all for a short time. Flashbang Grenade 3-5 seconds
Hemorrhage The player's health drains by 2HP/s while sprinting.
Rainbow Taste effect causes a 40% chance per tick for no damage to be dealt.
- -
Panic Slighty increases the player's stamina consumption. - -
Poisoned Damages the player over time; starts low but gets higher.
Damage dealt every 5 seconds. Damage: 2HP - 20HP.
Rainbow Taste effect causes a 40% chance per tick for no damage to be dealt.
- SCP-500
Severed Hands Removes the player's hands; Slowly drains HP; Removes ability to open inventory and interactions. Removing more than two pieces of candy from SCP-330 -
Sinkhole Slows down players; SCPs are immune to this effect. Sinkhole Trap Exiting the trap
SCP-207 Infinite sprint and increased movement speed with health drain.
Can stack up to 4.
Rainbow Taste effect causes a 40% chance per tick for no damage to be dealt.
SCP-207 SCP-500
Escaping as Class-D or Scientist
SCP-939 Visuals Can only see people making noises.
Can see people through walls.
Playing as SCP-939 -