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Emergency Power Stations
Spawn Heavy Containment Zone

The Emergency Power Stations (also known as Generators) are a type of Structure found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

In Game

Emergency Power Stations are recontainment devices that spawn around Heavy Containment Zone. They are used to recontain SCP-079.

An Emergency Power Station requires Armory Access 2 

Armory Access 2
to unlock. Once they are unlocked, anyone can open/close them without the use of a Keycard.

Each generator contains a lever, which must be flipped on in order to activate it by pressing E. When the lever is flipped on, the Emergency Power Station will take 125 seconds to power up (a countdown is displayed on active Emergency Power Stations). After 125 seconds have passed, C.A.S.S.I.E. will announce the activation of a generator.
Once activated, Emergency Power Stations cannot be deactivated, but the powering-up process can be cancelled by pressing E on a large button. When a Emergency Power Station is turned off, the timer will save its place, but it will slowly count back up to 125.

Emergency Power Stations are used to recontain SCP-079. Turning on all 3 Emergency Power Stations will unlock SCP-079's containment chamber, and players can enter it and finish the Overcharge sequence.

Powering up an Emergency Power Station will alert SCP-079 with a message that covers their screen. Rooms containing said Emergency Power Stations will be marked red on the map.

Three Emergency Power Stations will always spawn each round.


Emergency Power Stations can only spawn in Heavy Containment Zone, and up to a maximum of three will spawn.
There are 10 rooms in which Emergency Power Stations can spawn. Two generators can appear in the same room at a time, however this is rare.

  • Micro HID Armory
    • Either left and/or right if the door to the room containing the Micro.
  • Server Room
    • On the upper level of the room, on the wall near the door or the wall opposite to it.
  • Nuke Room
    • Down the elevator, near the control panel and/or parallel to the armory door.
  • Testroom
    • On the wall that runs along the walkway of the room.


"3 out of 3 generators activated. All generators have been successfully engaged."



  • Emergency Power Stations have multiple visuals on them while powering up.
    • A timer that shows how much time is left until it turns on.
      • The timer will say Engaged once the Emergency Power Station is turned on.
    • A dial labeled Local Voltage that also shows how much time is left, by having an arrow slowly move from green to red.
    • A dial labeled Total Voltage will show how many Emergency Power Stations are currently on.
    • Emergency Power Stations have two lights that show if the generator is activated or if it is disabled.
  • Prior to v11.0.0, 5 Emergency Power Stations would have to be activated before SCP-079 would be recontained. There was no button involved in this process.

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