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Standard Locker
Spawn Various Rooms
in Light Containment Zone
and Entrance Zone

The Standard Locker is a type of Structure found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

In Game[edit]

Standard Lockers are lockers that contain random loot and will randomly spawn in certain rooms around Site-02. The items inside of a Standard Locker are random each round.
There are six spawn points inside the Standard Locker where items can spawn. At least two will always be filled with a maximum of five being filled.

Standard Lockers can be opened by players by pressing the E key.

Possible Spawn Locations[edit]

Possible Loot:

Item Max Chambers Chance
2 17.65%
2 17.65%
2 17.65%
1 11.76%
2 11.76%
1 11.76%
1 5.88%
CoinIcon.png Coin (x4)
1 5.88%

Max Chambers shows how many times the loot can spawn in a locker. There are six Chambers, so an item of "Max Chambers 2" can spawn up to two times throughout the locker. It does not mean how much of a item spawns in one chamber.


The Locker in the Glass Room
The Locker in SCP-173's room
The Locker in Entrance Zone Walkway Office
The Locker in the Office
An opened Locker with loot in it


  • In earlier builds, Cabinets spawned instead of Lockers. These only spawned in Glass Room#18 and Walkway Office. Cabinets can be searched by holding E on them, after a bar fills up, an item is added to the player's inventory. Cabinets could only be looted once per round and only had one item.
    • The Cabients in Entrance Zone had a very low chance to give a Facility Manager Keycard, allowing Mobile Task Force to recontain SCP-106 or turn on Alpha Warhead early game.
      • In even earlier builds, this allowed MTF to kill SCP-079 by opening his room and shooting him.