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Bulletproof Locker №7
Spawn Light Containment Zone
Heavy Containment Zone

The Bulletproof Locker №7 is a type of Structure found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

In Game

Bulletproof Locker №7s are small, locked pedestals that contain an SCP item. They spawn throughout Site-02 in many different areas in both Light and Heavy Containment Zones. They require a keycard with both Containment Access 2 and Checkpoint Access 

Containment Access 2 Checkpoint Access
to open.

Each pedestal will have one random SCP item spawn in it at the start of every round. There will always be seven in a given round. There is no maximum cap for spawning besides spawn locations and remaining SCP Items, leading to the current max being 16.

The following SCP Items can spawn in them:

  • SCP-018 - Super bouncy ball that causes chaos when thrown. SCP-018 will always spawn every round but only once.
  • SCP-207 - Harmfully increases movement speed while giving unlimited stamina. Up to three SCP-207s can spawn.
  • SCP-244-A - Creates an are of cold fog that blocks vision and can hurt players. SCP-244-A will always spawn every round but only once.
  • SCP-268 - Turns the wear invisible for a short time. SCP-268 will always spawn every round but only once.
  • SCP-500 - Fully heals the player plus removes many effects while giving a powerful regen. Up to five SCP-500s can spawn.
  • SCP-1853 - Increases weapon and medical item related motor skills. Up to two SCP-1853s can spawn.
  • SCP-2176 - Toggles a blackout and lockdown of the affected room. Stuns SCP-079 if currently viewing room. Up to three SCP-2176s can spawn.

The spawn priority order is the following: SCP-268 --> SCP-018 --> SCP-244 --> SCP-500 --> SCP-207 --> SCP-2176 --> SCP-1853

Spawn Locations

Light Containment Zone

Heavy Containment Zone


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