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Type Interactable object
Usage Allows players to add attachments
Spawn Light Containment Zone
Heavy Containment Zone
Entrance Zone
Surface Zone

The Workstation is a type of Structure found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

In Game

Workstations are an immovable object which allows players to add or remove attachments from their Weapons. They can be found in different locations around Site-02.

To operate a Workstation, the player needs interact with it to turn it on; this action takes about five seconds. Once active, the Workstation will show available attachment options to add to any Foundation firearms the player has equipped.

The Workstation also has a button to pull up a Weapon Summary Menu. This screen will show the default stats of the weapon, any saved presets, and the current attachment set up the player is using, if it is not a saved preset. This allows the player to easily compare the stats of their attachment set up with the default stats or with their other presets.
The following stats are found in the Weapon Summary Menu:

  • Damage - The amount of damage the firearm does.
  • Penetration - The amount of penetration the firearm has.
  • Fire Rate - How fast the weapon fires.
  • Recoil - Percentage value, default is always 100%. The lower the percentage, the easier it is to handle the weapon.
  • Recoil when aiming - Same as above but when in Aiming Down Sights.
  • Magazine Capacity - The max amount of rounds the weapon can hold in one mag.
  • Bullet Accuracy - The overall accuracy of the weapon. The higher the value, the more inaccurate it is.
  • Hip-Fire Accuracy - The accuracy of the weapon when hip-firing. The higher the value, the more inaccurate it is.
  • Aiming Accuracy - The accuracy of the weapon when Aiming Down Sights. The higher the value is, the more inaccurate it is.
  • Running Accuracy - The accuracy of the weapon when running. The higher the value is, the more inaccurate it is.
  • Equip Time - How long it takes for the player to pull out the weapon. Does not factor in chambering time.
  • Length - How long the weapon is in centimeters. The longer the weapon, the more inaccurate it is.
  • Weight - How heavy the weapon is in kilograms. The heavier the weapon, the more inaccurate it is. Also affects movement speed and Stamina.

It is important to note that Hip-Fire Accuracy and Aiming Accuracy will display their base values, unlike the inventory which adds their value with the Bullet Accuracy, then displays the results.
(i.e. COM-15 has 0.2° Bullet Accuracy and 1.7° Hip-Fire Accuracy. Inventory shows this as 1.9° Hip-Fire Accuracy.)

Multiple players can make use of the Workstation at once, and it will show each person their own menu and options.

The player also has the option to customize the appearance of the reticle for Holo Sights and Dot Sights. These options include changing the size and color for the reticle, and exclusive to Holo Sights, the shape of the reticle. Below is a chart showing all possible shapes for the reticle.

The default reticle.
A simple circle reticle.
A basic cross shape reticle.
A cross shape reticle without the top line.
An up arrow reticle.
A reticle that somewhat looks like the Shotgun's crosshair.
A target like reticle.
A circle reticle with an X.


Guaranteed Spawn locations

Workstations will always spawn in these locations:

Light Containment Zone:

Heavy Containment Zone:

Entrance Zone

Surface Zone

Possible Spawn Locations

These locations are places where a Workstation may sometimes spawn:

Light Containment Zone:

  • A Workstation can spawn in the Side room of SCP-173's chamber.
  • A Workstation can spawn in the Glass Room.
  • A Workstation can spawn in the Side room of the Garden Chamber.
  • A Workstation can spawn in SCP-330's Chamber, outside the containment chamber.

Heavy Containment Zone:

Entrance Zone:



  • The opened shelves in each Workstation contains one of the five hidden Hubertballs in the game.
  • Prior to the 11.0.0 update, Workstations required a Weapons Manager Tablet in order to operate with them.
    • This was changed due to the Weapon Manager Tablet being removed in 11.0.0.
  • During Patreon Beta, one of the placeholer icons that could be selected for the Holosight's reticles was ඞ. Have fun knowing this existed.

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