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MTF-E11-SR Rack
Spawn SCP-049's Armory
Warhead Silo Armory
SCP-079's Side Room

In Game[edit]

The MTF-E11-SR Rack is a type of Structure found in SCP: Secret Laboratory. MTF-E11-SR Rack is a wide wall-mounted locker that contains one MTF-E11-SR, some 5.56x45mm magazines and High-Explosive Grenade. The attachments on the gun are random.
It requires Armory Access 2 Janitor Icon dark.png Guard Icon dark.png ZManager icon dark.png
Scientist Icon dark.png Private Icon.png Owner Icon dark.png
Research Supervisor Icon dark.png Sergeant Icon.png Chaos card icon2.png
CEngineer icon dark.png Captain Icon.png O5 icon.png
to both open and close the locker.


Three MTF-E11-SR Rack spawns per game. One spawns in SCP-049's Armory or in the Nuke Room Armory. Other two always spawn in SCP-079's Side Room



A MTF-E11-SR Rack in SCP-049's armory

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