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Health 2000
Hume Shield 200 (Initial)
Spawn Zone Heavy Containment Zone
Movement Speed Default: 3.9 m/s
Good Sense: 5.4 m/s
Special Ability Resurrect dead bodies as
SCP-049-2 instances
20% Bullet Resistance
Article Link Page
Class ID 5

SCP-049 is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-049 acts like a support class SCP, capable of turning dead people into SCP-049-2 instances, which inturn can make the next respawn wave smaller.

Operational Guides[edit]

Class Operational Guide[edit]

The doctor calmly awaits his next patient. It intends to administer the cure to those ridden with what it claims to be the ‘Pestilence’. Do not let its calm demeanor fool you. Direct contact means certain death. This may only last a moment for, like any medical professional, the doctor will strive to keep you alive.

“Is it a doctor? Yeah, for sure. Well, it has the tools and the medical expertise of one, at least. SCP-049 has proven time and time again to be an excellent asset for our site’s Research and Medical departments. However, we draw the line whenever it suddenly becomes hostile towards our staff, rambling on about them having contracted the ‘pestilence’; all while flailing that annoying wooden stick around. So, the question is: Is it a reliable doctor? I’d say that the answer to that is a hard no. No matter what kind of doctor it is, I can never shake the sense of unease and dread whenever it's around. There’s just something that isn’t right with that thing.”
-Dr. Aidan Reid, Senior Researcher, Site-02

Abilities Operational Guides[edit]

- [LMB] — Cardiac Attack

When SCP-049 attacks a player, the victim will rapidly lose health, suffering from a cardiac arrest.

The cardiac arrest can be survived if treated, but will result in death sooner if left untreated. A human may survive in the following ways:

Outlasting the effect by using well timed medkits.
Using Adrenaline.
Using SCP-500. 

“Experiment 1. Yes, yes. A perfect specimen. Pipes. Copper pipes. Fluid pumps were effective. Hands, hands… hands. Note: Too many hands. The specimen is cured. Motor functions, check. Bones, irrelevant. Pestilence, gone. Conclusion: Marvelous success.”

- [F] — Good Sense of the Doctor

Pressing F, SCP-049 selects the closest human in his field of view. This player will be targeted by SCP-049. When killed, SCP-049 can revive them as a much tougher instance of SCP-049-2 and SCP-049 will regain a percentage of lost Hume Shield instantly. 

While Good Sense of the Doctor is active, SCP-049 will be able to pursue their victim at a higher speed, determined to rid them of the pestilence. SCP-049 has to pursue and kill their target, otherwise their target will be lost. The location of the target will be indicated by the sound of a heartbeat and a visual indicator on the HUD.

You may only have one target at a time with this ability.

The Lord of Black has heard your plea, His heart jet, void of sympathy. The tome you seek, lost memory.

- [R] — The Doctors Call

At any time, SCP-049 can press R to emit a rallying call. All SCP-049-2s will be able to see SCP-049 through walls. During this time, all SCP-049-2s that stand within a radius of SCP-049 will begin slowly generating Hume Shield. This ability has a cooldown, which starts when the rallying call stops.

They had only come to study, they did not mean any harm. They were men of science and medicine. They were men of God.

- [Passive] — Waste Not Want Not

SCP-049 is able to revive fallen SCP-049-2s after their death. They may revive any dead SCP-049-2 as long as that player remains as a Spectator and has not respawned. Each instance may only be revived a maximum of two times after their initial ‘cure’ and up to a total of three lives. After the SCP-049-2 player has died, the player will receive the option to remain dead.

Each time an instance of SCP-049-2 is revived their maximum health is reduced. 

The price you'll pay is your duty. Weather his presence and you'll see, The crux of all your surgery.

In Game[edit]

At the start of the round, SCP-049 will spawn in his Containment Cell located in Heavy Containment Zone. SCP-049 can immediately leave the cell upon spawning, and must use an elevator system to access the main section of HCZ. Upon leaving, SCP-049 will be free to roam around the map. SCP-049 has moderate stats and acts as a support class for the SCPs. They are capable of resurrecting fallen players into instances of SCP-049-2. SCP-049 has a passive 20% bullet resistance, similar to Armor, the damage taken is based on a weapon's penetration. This resistance only applies to SCP-049's normal health, Hume Shield has no resistance.
SCP-049 can talk to the other SCPs by holding down the Q key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs, regardless of the distance.

Hume Shield[edit]

  • SCP-049 has a base Hume Shield value of 200.
    • At 20% of HP, SCP-049 will have 500 Hume Shield.
  • If SCP-049 takes no damage for 10 seconds, its Hume Shield will regenerate by 15 HS/s.
  • SCP-049's The Doctor’s Call Ability will grant Hume Shield to SCP-049-2 instances in range.
  • SCP-049 will gain 100 Hume Shield upon resurrection of a human player if they were a target of the Good Sense of The Doctor ability.
  • Hume Shield does not factor in SCP-049's damage resistance.


Cardiac Arrest[edit]

SCP-049 can 'cure' any Human by pressing Left Click.png Left Click on them. Humans will take an initial eight damage and are given the Cardiac Arrest Status Effect for 20s, causing their HP to deplete at 8 HP/s, dealing a total of 168 damage. SCP-049 will also have a short cooldown before they can attack again, giving humans some time to escape SCP-049. If SCP-049 wants to convert the person into an instance of SCP-049-2, they must follow the player until they perish or have a teammate finish them off. Adrenaline and SCP-500 will cancel the Cardiac Arrest effect when used. Attacking a player while they have the Cardiac Arrest Status Effect will instantly kill them.


Once a human player dies, SCP-049 can hold the E Key on their corpse to convert them into an SCP-049-2 instance. The cause of death does not matter, SCP-049 can revive a human player as long as they can reach their corpse. The process takes seven seconds to resurrect a human player. SCP-049 is capable of resurrecting a human player as long as they are a spectator and have yet to respawn. If a body lies on the ground for more than ten seconds, they are considered "decayed", and SCP-049 can't revive them. Players who are an active target of the Good Sense of The Doctor ability will take around 15 seconds to decay.

Waste Not Want Not[edit]

SCP-049 can resurrect fallen SCP-049-2 instances by holding the E Key on their body, as long as that player is a spectator. There is no time limit for this unlike resurrecting fallen humans. Though, if a player controlling an SCP-049-2 were to respawn, SCP-049 can no longer resurrect their old corpse, even if the player becomes a spectator again.

This can be performed three times per SCP-049-2 instance, effectively giving each instance four lives. Each revival causes the SCP-049-2 to lose 10% of their max HP. Players who have died as SCP-049-2 can deny further resurrects by pressing the F key, preventing SCP-049 from reviving them.

Health of SCP-049-2 instances:

  • 400 HP at initial revival.
  • 360 HP after the first death.
  • 320 HP after the second death.
  • 290 HP after the third death.

Good Sense of The Doctor[edit]

Pressing the F Key will select the nearest human as a target if they are within range. If no human is in range, the ability will have a five-second cooldown. If successful, an icon will appear on SCP-049's screen. This icon acts akin to a heartbeat. The closer SCP-049 is to the target, the faster it beats. A small blip will also appear on the chosen target for two seconds, currently this uses the same blip as SCP-096's targets. This is just a placeholder. The ability does not allow SCP-049 to see the target through walls like SCP-096 can see their targets. SCP-049's movement speed will also increase when this ability is successfully performed. Victims who are targets of this ability will have increased health upon resurrection as SCP-049-2, 600 HP as opposed to 400 HP. SCP-049's Hume Shield will refilled by 100HS if they successfully revive a target this way. The ability only last 20s.

The ability has a 40s cooldown if the target is killed by SCP-049 or SCP-049-2.
If the target dies from other means, wears SCP-268 or out last the duration of the ability, the cooldown will be 20s.

The Doctor's Call[edit]

Pressing the R Key will broadcast SCP-049's location to all SCP-049-2 instances, allowing them to see SCP-049 through walls. This ability will last for a total of 20 seconds. Any SCP-049-2 instance that stands within a fairly large radius of SCP-049 will begin to slowly generate Hume Shield at a rate of 10 HS/s, maxing out at 100 Hume Shield per SCP-049-2 instance. This Hume Shield will regen if SCP-049-2 has not taken damage for one second. The ability has a 60-second cooldown that only starts after the ability ends.

Related Achievements[edit]

  • Curing 10 people as SCP-049 in a single round grants the My Cure Is Most Effective... achievement.


SCP-049 Changelog History
0.1.0 049 Icon.png SCP-049 added.
April 1st 2018 Renamed SCP-049 to EBOLA-BOI for the 2018 April Fools update.
5.0.0 Ragdoll added.
October 31st 2018 Renamed SCP-049 to Nevermore-049 and put a pumpkin over its head for the 2018 Halloween update.
9.0.0 Movement speed increased to 5.6 hu/s Was 5.2 hu/s..
Added a 1.5 second cooldown to Antidote upon successful kills.
Increased time until a corpse expires to 10 seconds.
SCP-049 can now use Resurrection on any corpses, regardless of the cause of death.
Resurrection time decreased to 7 seconds Was 10 seconds..
Resurrection time no longer speeds up with lost HP.
Added notification when using Resurrection on corpses that have expired.
Changed the color of the HUD element displayed when using Resurrection.
10.0.0 Public Beta XIV Increased movement speed to 6 hu/s Was 5.6 hu/s..
October 23rd 2020 Renamed SCP-049 to Doctor Cure along with having its eyes glow white and applied the Hume Shield particle effect to its model for the 2020 Halloween update.
11.0.0 Patreon Beta Cloth physics added to SCP-049's robe.
Maximum HP increased to 2500 HP Was 1700 HP..
October 24th 2021 Reused Halloween 2020 changes and replaced the Hume Shield effect with black smoke particles for the 2021 Halloween update.
11.1.0 SCP-049 can now see the expired corpse message again.
11.1.3 Players killed by SCP-049 will be locked into death camera until their corpse has expired.
12.0.0 Patreon Beta I SCP-049 soft-reworked.
  • Decreased HP to 2000. Was 2500.
  • Given 200 HS with HP scaling. 700 HS at minimum HP.
  • Replaced Antidote with Cardiac Arrest.
  • Replaced The Cure with Resurrection.
  • Added Waste Not Want Not.
  • Added Good Sense Of The Doctor.
  • Added Doctor's Call.