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Type SCP Object
Usage Gives the player pieces
of candy.
Taking more than 2
will kill the player.
Spawn Light Containment Zone
Applied Effects Varies
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Spawn ID

In game[edit]

SCP-330 is a non-playable SCP that spawns in Light Containment Zone. When interacted with E, the player will grab a random piece of candy. Grabbing more than two pieces of candy will remove the player's hands and kill them after 15 seconds. Candy pieces picked up by players go into an item called the "Candy Bag", which acts as a second inventory for pieces of candy only. The candy bag is automatically added to the player's inventory the 1st time they pick up a piece of candy. Players can not drop their candy individually, and can only drop the entire bag. Picking up a Candy Bag while already carrying one will combine the two into one. If the candies exceed the item limit, excess candy is dropped onto the floor in a new bag. Players can only have one candy bag.

Candy Effects[edit]

Depending on which candy, the player consumes, the effect would be different. All candies have an equal chance of being grabbed.

Candy Effect

Purple Candy
"It has a juicy grape smell. Your mouth begins to water. Trick or treat?"

  • 20% damage resistance for 20 seconds
  • Slowly regens 15 HP

Red Candy
"A strong scent of cherry fills the room. It’s a bit... too strong. Trick or treat?"

  • Regens 45 HP over the course of 5 seconds

Blue Candy
"It smells soft and sweet, something akin to a marshmallow"

  • 30 AHP that does not decay

Green Candy
"A nasty herbal smell emits from the candy. Trick or treat?"

  • Slow regeneration effect (1.5 hp/s for 80 seconds)
  • Grants the Vitality Immunity to negative status effects. SCP-207 effect deals no damage Status Effect for 30 seconds

Yellow Candy
"The overwhelming smell of lemon makes you cringe a little. Trick or treat?"

  • Restores 25% of Stamina
  • Gain Invigoration effect for eight seconds
  • 10% speed increase for eight seconds

Rainbow Candy
"It's a hard piece of candy, packed with all sorts of flavours."

  • Health restored by 20
  • Gain 5 Seconds of Invigoration
  • Permanently reduce bodyshot damage taken by 5%
  • Grants the Rainbow Taste Reduces severity of negative effects Status Effect for ten seconds
  • Gain 20 AHP that does not decay for 10 seconds

Pink Candy
"The strawberry scent is as gentle as it looks. Trick or treat?"

  • Instantly explode
  • Can only be spawned in with Remote Admin

330-10/31-07 Incident[edit]

On 10/31, subject D-330-4 consumed a piece of Pink Candy taken from SCP-330. Upon consumption subject ██████████ resulting in SCP-330's old containment chamber being destroyed and severely injuring Senior Research Supervisor Dr. Andrews. SCP-330 remained undamaged and was moved to a new chamber. The Foundation later managed to remove all instances of Pink Candy from SCP-330. Dr. Andrews later died from his injury on █████████. For more information, read SCP-330's Document.



  • SCP-330 was first added as a temporary SCP during the Halloween 2020 Event, where it was removed from the game after the event ended.
    • SCP-330 was permanently re-added during the Halloween 2021 Event.
  • During the Halloween 2020 event, players could acquire Pink Candy from SCP-330. Upon consumption, the player instantly blew up, killing themselves and dealing massive damage to nearby players and doors. This lead to players to use the Pink Candy to one shot, or deal massive damage to SCPs by rushing at them while holding the Pink Candy.
    • Pink Candy can be seen at the bottom of the SCP-330 bowl as an Easter Egg. It can also be given as an item through Remote Admin Panel.