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Basic Information
Description When worn, temporarily, makes you invisible
unless it is interrupted by any user interaction.
Type SCP Item
Usage Makes the wearer
temporarily invisible, requires recharging
after use.
Spawn Light Containment Zone
Heavy Containment Zone
Applied Effects invisibility Effect Makes the player invisible for a short time
Other Information
Article Link SCP Article
Spawn ID 32

In Game[edit]

SCP-268 is an SCP Item item that will make the player wearing it temporarily invisible to both SCP objects and human players. SCP-268 will not protect the player from damage however, so it is advised to keep that in mind when using the object. SCP-079 can always see people using SCP-268. SCP-939 can see SCP-268 users if they meet their vision requirements. SCP-096 can still see targets who are wearing SCP-268.
SCP-268 will spawn in Bulletproof Locker №7s. Bulletproof Locker №7s require a keycard with both Containment Access 2 and Checkpoint Access Janitor Icon dark.png Guard Icon dark.png ZManager icon dark.png
Scientist Icon dark.png Private Icon.png Owner Icon.png
Research Supervisor Icon.png Sergeant Icon.png Chaos card icon2.png
CEngineer icon.png Captain Icon.png O5 icon.png
to open.

When equipped, the user can press Left Click.png Left Click to put on SCP-268. Pressing Right Click.png Right Click before the player places it on their head will cancel wearing it.
When used, the item will make the wearer invisible for 15 seconds, after which it requires a cooldown of 2 minutes before it can be used again. The cooldown for SCP-268 is player based and not item based. So while the cooldown may be in effect for one person, another person can use SCP-268 if they pick it up. This can also be seen by the fact if a user has multiple SCP-268 and uses one of them, the cooldown will apply to every instance of SCP-268. This can not be seen under normal gameplay since there can only be one SCP-268 in a given round.

Using/Equiping any other item or opening a door while SCP-268 is in effect will cause it to become unequipped, forcing its cooldown. If someone is shot while wearing SCP-268, they will remain invisible but a hitmarker will appear, allowing an observant player to notice them.

Only one instance of SCP-268 will spawn per game.


  • SCP-268 is best used for evasion, as a D-class trying to escape the facility becomes much easier with this item. One of the best situations might be when going up an elevator. If the player times it right, they can slip past any SCP or armed players that might be there, allowing them to escape.
  • SCP-268 can also be used to ambush other players, making it a potent tool in the later stages of the game.
  • Using both SCP-268 and SCP-207 is a very useful strategy as it lets you quickly escape while undetected.
  • Using the healing items does not remove the invisibility effect.
  • Pulling out any firearm will remove the invisibility effect.

Related Achievements[edit]

Escaping as a Class-D with at least 2 SCP Items in your inventory grants the Property of the Chaos Insurgency achievement.



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