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Basic Information
Type SCP Object
Usage Upgrade or downgrade any objects placed in it
Spawn Light Containment Zone
Other Information
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SCP-914 is a Non-playable SCP that allows players to upgrade or downgrade certain items when used.

Operational Guide[edit]

The sound of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of gears turning could be heard from the anomalous contraption. Whatever you placed in its input, you know for sure will not be the same once those metal doors slide open. Ten seconds is all you need. You’re forced to wonder how the machine works. 

Seven seconds. Is it sentient? How does it determine an object’s transfiguration? 
Four seconds. How did they even transport this thing on-site?
One second. You realize, none of that really matters now.

The doors slide open.

"After the disaster at Site-19, SCP-914, alongside many other SCPs, were transferred from whatever remained of Facility 23, to Site-02’s Research and Development Subsector. Field agents reported that all of SCP-914’s past experiment archives were missing when they arrived on-site. Dr. Hugill has dictated that testing and research on SCP-914 is to continue. My opinion is that we have much more pressing matters to worry about.”
-Mikel Kimber, Chief Engineer, Site-02

In Game[edit]

SCP-914 will spawn in Light Containment Zone in its Containment Chamber.

There are three main parts to SCP-914: The Intake booth, the main body, and the Output booth.
- The Intake booth is where players place their items that will be altered.
- The main body contains a setting knob and a button to activate SCP-914. The setting knob can be turned by pressing E.
- The Output booth is where items that have been altered appear once the upgrading process has finished.

Players can use SCP-914 by turning the setting knob and pressing the button while an item is inside the Intake booth. Once the button has been pressed, SCP-914 will begin to upgrade/downgrade the item. Once SCP-914 has finished altering the item, it will appear in the Output booth.

SCP-914 will become inaccessible during the LCZ Decontamination Process.

Using 914[edit]

SCP-914 has multiple config options that affect how items are upgraded.
By default, items must be dropped in SCP-914 to be altered, but by changing configs, it can be made so SCP-914 alters items held in the player's hand, or items inside the player's inventory.

To Upgrade[edit]

Press E on the knob above the button and set it to "1:1", "Fine", or "Very Fine"

Put object(s) into the Intake booth

Press E on the button.

Wait for the "ding"

Go into the Output booth and take the upgraded object

To Downgrade[edit]

Press E on the knob above the button and set it to "Coarse" or "Rough"

Put object(s) into the Intake booth

Press E on the button.

Wait for the "ding"

Go into the Output booth and take the downgraded object. The object may vanish depending on its quality beforehand

Related Achievements[edit]


  • All classes can freely enter the Intake or Output booth during the altering process with no negative effects.
  • SCP-914 is the only way for players to acquire the Containment Engineer, Facility Manager, and O5 Keycard.