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Mobile Task Force
Health: 100 Stamina: 20sJump Power: 4.9
Sneak: 1.6 m/sWalk: 3.9 m/s Sprint: 5.4 m/s
Health: 100 Stamina: 18sJump Power: 4.9
Sneak: 1.6 m/sWalk: 3.9 m/s Sprint: 5.4 m/s
Health: 100 Stamina: 17sJump Power: 4.9
Sneak: 1.6 m/sWalk: 3.9 m/s Sprint: 5.4 m/s
Allies Enemies
Facility Guards
Chaos Insurgents
Other Information
Spawn Location: Surface Zone
Class IDs:
4 (MTF Specialist)
11 (MTF Sergeant)
12 (MTF Captain)
13 (MTF Private)
Class Colors:
#70C3FF (Private)
#0096FF (Specialist/Sergeant)
#003DCA (Captain)
Voice Actors:
Doggdemon (Megapatch II Trailer)
Bullish, Concrete, TinyyTonyy and scpWyatt (SCP-939 Teaser)

"Attention all units, the D Class, ju-....just vanished?!"
Unnamed MTF Member in the Megapatch II Trailer before being killed.

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 (Nine Tailed Fox) is a military class tasked with re-containing SCPs and rescuing any remaining Scientists in Site-02.

Operational Guides

Class Operational Guide

When standard protocol fails and multiple breaches are imminent, Foundation facilities call for the deployment of the Nine-Tailed Fox. The whirring of helicopter blades heralds their arrival. Equipped with top-of-the-line Foundation equipment, their primary objective is to re-secure the facility against any, and all, threats.

"Epsilon-11? Hell if I know anything about them. They come in. They deal with the issues. They get out. They’re not ones to stop by for idle chit chat with the staff. Their existence remains a mystery. Their identities? Classified. Their complement of soldiers? Redacted. Their operations? Confidential. They hide their numbers well though. They certainly have more soldiers than I originally thought.”
-Dr. Jonathan Essex, Senior Researcher, Site-02

Site-02 Lockdown Procedures — Rapid Response

In the event of a Code: White/Gray breach.


Immediately mobilize facility-recovery squads. Squads to be sent by helicopters towards the compromised sector.

In the case of an assault by a highly-organized major force; a major containment breach; the deaths and/or disappearances of site security; and a high possibility for certain destruction of all site assets, MTF operators are to use all means necessary to secure the Facility and extract any surviving staff. 

If an SCP-object is deemed inherently inimical to Foundation interest, MTF operators  are permitted to terminate and/or destroy the object under executive prevention code SC-4¹. If termination is not possible, attempt recontainment, or temporary neutralization, of the object and wait for further action. For more information, and the expanded version, refer to “Executive Prevention Code". 

- Priority B — ACCESS DENIED
- Priority C — ACCESS DENIED
- Priority D — ACCESS DENIED
- Priority E — ACCESS DENIED

Excerpt from the Executive Prevention Code:
SC-4 — in the event of a major crisis, with a definite risk of a major compromise, protocol SC-4 may be utilized and grants authorization for the immediate termination of an SCP object by dedicated personnel.

In Game

Following their spawn on Surface, C.A.S.S.I.E. will announce their arrival, while also mentioning the number of SCPs remaining in the facility; if there are no SCPs left alive, C.A.S.S.I.E. will announce that substantial threats to safety remain within the facility.

MTF are tasked with re-containing/terminating escaped SCPs, while extracting any remaining Scientist to the Surface Zone.

Class-Ds can be dealt with in two different ways: terminated on sight, or arrested and then escorted out of Site-02. Arrests can be made by holding down the E key with any gun equipped, and successfully escorting them requires taking them to the escape zone on the Surface. Doing so will turn the Class-D into a Nine Tailed Fox Private and grant three Respawn Ticket to the MTF Team.

It should be noted that unlike Chaos killing Scientists, MTF will not be granted any tickets for the termination of Class-Ds.


The MTF spawn in waves with at least one Captain and three Sergeants, with the rest of the wave being Privates. Each of these ranks spawn with different gear. MTF Specialists do not spawn during a respawn wave - instead, any Scientist that escapes while not disarmed will become an MTF Specialist.
The items and status a player has is determined by which MTF rank they are, with the higher ranks having higher-quality items. The hierarchy of MTF ranks is as follows, starting at the top: MTF Captain --> MTF Sergeant --> MTF Specialist --> MTF Private. Despite not being MTF, Facility Guards are still consider apart of the ranking system, being placed below MTF Private.
Looking at another player will display text that says if you are the same rank, can give them orders, or follow their orders. Orders are purely for roleplay have no mechanical significance.

Related Achievements

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Lights Out
Respawn as MTF after dying.


  • During the Halloween Event, MTF were renamed to "Ghost Busters". The "Spooky Scary Skeletons" song was also added to the announcement before giving the regular CASSIE announcement.
  • The MTF ranks have gone through name changes over time:
    • MTF Captains were originally called "MTF Commanders"
    • MTF Sergeants were originally called "MTF Lieutenants"
    • MTF Specialist were originally called "MTF Scientist"
    • MTF Privates were originally called "MTF Cadets"
      • Before Facility Guards were added, they were called "MTF Guards"
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