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This article is about the Combat Armor. For pages with similar naming, see the Armor (Disambiguation) page.
Combat Armor
Basic Information
Type Equipment (Wearable)
Usage Reduces damage from bullets and grenades
Body Protection 60%
Head Protection 80%
Stamina Penalty -4s (Civilian)
Stamina Penalty -2s (Military)
Other Information
Spawn All Mobile Task Force ranks except Captain
All Chaos Insurgent subclasses except Marauder
Spawn ID 0

In game[edit]

Combat Armor is a type of item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It is a type of armor that spawns on most military classes, giving 60% body protection and 80% head protection. It is important to note that this doesn't mean the Combat Armor reduces damage by 60% and 80% for body and head damage respectively. The damage reduced is based on the formula, x = a(100% − p), where a is the armor protection level, p is the penetration amount of a weapon, with x being the actual damage reduced. So a weapon with 50% penetration shooting a player in the head would only reduce the damage by 40% instead of 80%.

Inventory Limits[edit]

See the Inventory Mechanics page for more details
Wearing Combat Armor will increase the limit of how many items a player can hold of that specific item type, it does not increase the number of inventory slots.

  • 9x19mm - 160 Rounds
  • 5.56x45mm - 120 Rounds
  • 7.62x39mm - 120 Rounds
  • .44 Mag - 48 Rounds
  • 12/70 Buckshot - 54 Rounds
  • Three Grenades
  • Two Firearms


Weapon Locker Type 21 (Large Cabinets)