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Basic Information
Type SCP Item
Usage Communicate with the dead
Spawn Bulletproof Locker №7
Number of Spawns 1
Weight Affects item pick-up time, window breaking and throw distance 6kg
Pick-Up Time 1.3s Unrounded value: 1.295s
Obtainable from 914? True
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension High Tier (0%)
Disarm Immunity? Does having this item equipped make the player immune to being disarmed? Immune
Other Information
Manufactor Thomas Edison
Article Link SCP Article
Spawn ID 49

SCP-1576 is an SCP Item found in SCP Secret Laboratory. SCP-1576 is an Edison Phonograph that allows one to communicate with players in Spectator.

Operational Guide

Your mind is filled with the effigies of those long since passed. Your nose begins to run, leaking bloody gray drippings. 

As your mind leaves your body, you forget who you are. Lost memories are replaced with asking yourself and those you love the same questions: ‘Where are you?’, ‘What were you doing?’, ‘Who’s that behind you? In the end, all you could accomplish was collecting several glasses of water you could not remember. 

Once again, you ask the spirits if they ever loved you at all.

“We tested SCP-1576 again for the first time in a while. The anomaly wasn’t really presenting much in the way of new research. Then we noticed that its side effects were starting to take hold quicker. D-02295 was just asking for a sandwich over and over, for about a minute before finally losing consciousness. So, we brought it to Site-02 to figure out why it changed. Juries still out on that one doc.”
-Dr. Wutze Appinen, Junior Researcher, Site-02

In Game

SCP-1576 can be found inside a present from SCP-2536. Players can wind up SCP-1576 with  Left Click, this takes a few seconds. Once fully wound up, SCP-1576 will allow the player to communicate with all the spectators at once. Players not using SCP-1576 will not hear the spectators unless they are within 7.5 meters of SCP-1576 while it was being wound up. A sound que can be heard by spectators when someone is winding up SCP-1576, allowing them to know someone is using the item. A player who is currently speaking through SCP-1576, will have the icon of their class appear on their mic indicator for spectators to see.

After 30 seconds have passed, communication will end. SCP-1576 has a two minute cooldown that is tied to the item itself, and not the player.

Related Achievements

Click to view 1 achievement(s) related to SCP-1576:

Property of the Chaos Insurgency
As a Class-D Personnel, escape with two or more SCP items in your inventory.


  • SCP-1576 was first introduced in the Anniversary-Christmas 2022 update.
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