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Basic Information
Type Equipment (Tool)
Usage Head and Tails
Other Information
Spawn Standard Lockers
Weapon Locker Type 21
SCP-106's CC
Spawn ID 35

Coins are a type of Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which can be used to play Heads and Tails.

Coins are often used in plugins for servers. The most common use of Coins in server plugins is to be used as an item that people can use in SCP-914 to upgrade into a keycard or gun.

In the vanilla game, Coins in SCP-914 would just give the user the coin back, no matter what setting was used. Coins can be flipped by either inspecting them, Left Clicking or Right Clicking. Doing so will cause a random side to land facing up. This allows players to play Heads and Tails with the coin. Other players will be able to see the coin flip and which side landed up. This can be used to help players make a choice such as which player will have their femur crunched.




  • Coins were originally used for SCP-294 and would spawn in cabinets.
  • Coins were almost removed from the game in Megapatch II, but were kept in-game due to the Coin being utilized for multiple server plugins. The coin was given an updated model and inventory icon after it was decided it was to be kept in-game.
  • The Coin's model is based off the American Quarter.
  • The old Coin description for the Coin was "It seems to be 50 cents!" This was incorrect as quarters are worth 25 cents and not 50.