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Basic Information
Description Relieve minor injuries.
Type Medical
Usage Heals the user
Other Information
Spawn On certain classes
Standard Lockers
Spawn ID 34


Painkillers are a type of Medical Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

Painkillers are a weak medical item that give a small regeneration effect when used. Their main purpose is to treat small injuries.
Painkillers can be used by press Left Click.png Left Click while they are equipped.


  • Quick apply time (1.0s)
  • Regenerates HP over time
    • Regeneration starts off extremely slow for a few seconds, before rapidly speeding up linearly to a max of 5 HP/s.
    • Regeneration time is about 10 seconds in total
    • Heals around 65 HP total
  • Removes the Concussed Status Effects




Equip Animation
Use Animation


  • The tag on the model of the Painkillers says only take 1-2 pills. Despite this the animation shows the player consuming eight pills.
  • The model for the Painkillers has hidden text saying "it doesn't matter what i here, its going to be too small to read anyways, purplegoop signing out."
  • The bottle says there are 40 tablets in total and each are 15 mg, making for a total of 450 mg in the bottle. This is incorrect as 15 multiplied by 40 is 600.