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Basic Info
Type LMG
Caliber 7.62x39mm
Ammo Capacity 100
Weight 9.7kg
Length 115cm
Fire Rate 660
Damage Falloff The max distance a bullet will travel
before being affected by damage fall off
112.5 m 

150 hubes

Sprint Penalty -0.5 

-0.6615 hubes

Stamina Penalty -4.8s
Other Info
Attachment Comb  64
Spawns on On Chaos Marauders
Inspired by H&K MG5
Spawn ID 24

In Game[edit]

The Logicer is a type of firearm in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It is a LMG found exclusively on Chaos Repressors. The weapon has a low hip fire accuracy but a high ADS fire accuracy, making the weapon extremely efficient when aim-firing. The Logicer is a very heavy weapon, so any form of movement causes the hip fire accuracy to become practically uncontrollable. In general, the Logicer is best to use while standing still or aiming down sights. The Laser attachment can help make the hip fire accuracy a lot more managable, at the cost of enemies being able to see the laser, thus giving your position away. Due to the fact Logicers only spawn on Chaos Repressors, they are a very rare weapon. If the player fired an empty Logicer, the reload animation becomes longer as the player has to move the bolt back in place. The Logicer's barrel will slowly heat up if the player fires for awhile, this is purely a visual change and has no relevance to gameplay.

The Logicer's rounds are fairly limited, as Chaos Repressors spawn with them, and can be found nowhere else within Site-02. Therefore, the only way to gain more Logicer rounds is to pick them up from deceased Chaos Insurgents, or using SCP-914.


Attachment Stats
Iron Sights
ADS Zoom 1.25x
Default Attachment
Dot Sight
ADS Zoom 1.05x
Weight +2%
Ammo Counter Sight
ADS Zoom 1.2x
Ammo Counter
Aiming Speed -20%
Weight +4%
Night-Vision Scope
ADS Zoom 1.05x
Night Vision
Aiming Speed -25%
Weight +12%

Attachment Stats
Standard Barrel
Default Attachment
Flash Hider
Flash Suppression
Equip Time +0.1s
Length +7%
Weight +3%
Muzzle Brake
Recoil -30%
Equip Time +0.1s
Gunshot Loudness +20%
Length +7%
Weight +3%
Light Barrel
Equip Time -0.35s
Hip-Firing Accuracy +43%
Length -10%
Weight -10%
Damage -5%
Penetration -5%

Attachment Changes
Default Attachment
Recoil -20%
Equip Time +0.1s
Aiming Speed -10%
Weight +2%
Light Source
Weight +3%
Laser Sight
Hip-Firing Accuracy +67%
Laser is visible to others
Weight +2%


No Armor Light Armor Combat Armor Heavy Armor
Standard Light Standard Light Standard Light Standard Light
Ammo Type 7.62x39 mm 7.62x39 mm 7.62x39 mm 7.62x39 mm 7.62x39 mm 7.62x39 mm 7.62x39 mm 7.62x39 mm
Penetration 95% 90% 95% 90% 95% 90% 95% 90%
Body 26.9 25.6 26.4 25 26.1 24.8 25.8 24.5
Limb 18.83 17.92 18.83 17.92 18.83 17.92 18.83 17.92
Head 94.15 89.6 92.75 88.2 90.3 85.75 90.3 85.75
AHP 8.1 7.7 7.9 7.5 7.8 7.4 7.7 7.4
Burned 33.6 31.9 33 31.3 32.6 31 32.3 30.7
AHP/Burned 22.3 21.2 21.9 20.8 21.7 20.6 21.4 20.4
AHP (Limb) 8.1 7.7 5.67 5.39 5.67 5.39 5.67 5.39
Burned (Limb) 23.52 22.33 23.52 22.33 23.52 22.33 23.52 22.33
AHP/Burned (Limb) 15.61 14.84 15.61 14.84 15.61 14.84 15.61 14.84
AHP (Head) 28.35 26.95 27.65 26.6 26.95 25.9 26.95 25.9
Burned (Head) 117.6 111.65 115.85 110.25 113.05 107.45 113.05 107.45
AHP/Burned (Head) 78.05 74.2 77 73.15 74.9 71.4 74.9 71.4

These values are auto calculated by Mediawiki, there may be some rounding differences between it and Unity, so some values may be off by a tiny bit.
AHP represents AHP gotten from Adrenaline and not the "AHP" for SCPs.
Armor does not reduce limb damage.
SCPs do not take limb or headshot damage except SCP-049-2
SCP-106 takes 1/10th normal damage
Combat Armor and Heavy Armor have the same protection level against headshots

One hit to kill.
Two hits to kill.
Three hit to kill.



Equip Animation
Inspect Animation
Reload Animation
Unload Animation