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Basic Info
Type Shotgun
Caliber 12/70 Buckshot
Ammo Capacity 14 (+2)
Manufactor Standard BGT. CO.
Weight 3.95kg
Length 74cm
Fire Rate 100
Damage Falloff The max distance a bullet will travel
before being affected by damage fall off
13.5 m 

18 hubes

Sprint Penalty -0.1 

-0.0735 hubes

Stamina Penalty -0.4s
Other Info
Attachment Comb  24
Spawn Locations Chaos Repressors
Inspired by Standard Manufacturing DP-12
Spawn ID 41

The Shotgun, also known as the Double Barrel Baguette is a type of firearm in SCP: Secret Laboratory that is primarily used by the Chaos Repressors as they are the only class in the game to spawn with it (along with the Revolver). The weapon fires mini buckshots at players for massive damage. The Shotgun has a very short damage falloff, making it only effective at close range, but its high damage still allows it to deal some damage from afar, provided the buckshots hit the player.

The default spray pattern for firing the weapon leans towards the right, although the spread is random. This means it is best to aim near the left of players when engaging at long range. With the Choke Barrel attachment, the spray pattern is no longer random but the overall spread is increased. The Extended Barrel attachment increases penetration and lowers the spread, but makes the spray pattern completely random while also increasing the draw-time.

The Shotgun's rounds are fairly limited, as Chaos Repressors spawn with them, and can be found nowhere else within Site-02. Therefore, the only way to gain more Buckshot rounds is to pick them up from deceased Chaos Insurgents, or using SCP-914.


Attachment Stats
Iron Sights
ADS Zoom 1.25x
Default attachment
Holographic Sight
ADS Zoom 1.05x
Equip Time +0.03%
Weight +14%

Attachment Stats
Standard Barrel
Default attachment
Pattern Consistency +100%
Pellet Spread +20%
Length +10%
Weight +9%
Extended Barrel
Penetration +10%
Pellet Spread -10%
Equip Time +0.1s
Length +17%
Weight +23%

Attachment Changes
Default Attachment
Ammo Counter
Ammo Counter
Equip Time +0.03s
Weight +20%
Laser Sight
Hip-Firing Accuracy +100%
Laser is visible to others
Weight +5%
Light Source
Equip Time +0.03s
Weight +8%


Due to how the Shotgun works, these values only represent when 8 out of 12 the pellets hit the person. Players hit by more than 8 pellets do not take additional damage. Shotgun ignores headshot and limbshot.

No Armor Light Armor Combat Armor Heavy Armor
Standard Extended Standard Extended Standard Extended Standard Extended
Ammo Type 12/70 Buckshot 12/70 Buckshot 12/70 Buckshot 12/70 Buckshot 12/70 Buckshot 12/70 Buckshot 12/70 Buckshot 12/70 Buckshot
Penetration 70% 77% 70% 77% 70% 77% 70% 77%
Body 98.4 98.4 86.6 89.3 80.7 84.8 74.8 80.3
AHP 29.5 29.5 26 26.8 24.2 25.4 22.4 24.1
Burned 123 123 108.2 111.7 100.9 106 93.5 100.4
AHP/Burned 81.7 81.7 71.9 74.2 67 70.4 62.1 66.6

These values are auto calculated by Mediawiki, there may be some rounding differences between it and Unity, so some values may be off by a tiny bit.
AHP represents AHP gotten from Adrenaline and not the "AHP" for SCPs.
Armor does not reduce limb damage.
SCPs do not take limb or headshot damage except SCP-049-2
SCP-106 takes 1/10th normal damage
Combat Armor and Heavy Armor have the same protection level against headshots

One hit to kill.
Two hits to kill.
Three hit to kill.



Equip Animation
Inspect Animation
Reload Animation


  • The Shotgun is also called the Double Barrel Baguette due to the fact it was created in New France, USA.
  • When inspecting the Shotgun, it is possible to see how many shells remain inside of it. This is rather inprecise, but can be a small loophole around using the Ammo Counter attachment, in favor of using the Laser or Flashlight attachments.