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Flashbang Grenade
Type Throwable
Arm Time 3s
Spawn Locations LCZ Armory
Weapon Locker Type 21
Facility Guards
Applied Effects Deafen Effect Makes all noises muffled and quiet for a short time
Flashed Effect Blinds the player for a short time
Manufactor FBLogo.png Eagle Tactical Solutions
Spawn ID 26

In Game[edit]

The Flashbang Grenade is a type of Weapon in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It is a throwable explosive device used to temporary blind any opponents that were near the grenade when it goes off. If used properly, it is a effective way to escape from SCPs and armed players.


The Flashbang Grenade can be thrown a long distance by pressing Left Click.png Left Click, or a shorter distance by pressing Right Click.png Right Click.

After being thrown, the Flashbang Grenade takes 3 seconds to go off (It is possible to hold down the throw button, but this will not cook the grenade. It simply allows the player to have more control over timing. It will still take 3 seconds to explode after being thrown). Players affected by the Flashbang Grenade will be given both the Deafen Makes all noises muffled and quiet for a short time and Flashed Effect Blinds the player for a short time Status Effects.

The duration of these Status Effects depends on multiple factors.
The full flash lasts 5 seconds and is achieved if the opponent is looking at the Flashbang Grenade within a distance equal or inferior to that of a hallway's length from it.
However, this doesn't mean that being further than a hallway distance away will nullify the flash, as the flash distance is quite large: sometimes players who didn't even see the Flashbang Grenade may still get blinded, but the flash from this distance lasts less than four seconds.




  • SCP-079 is immune to Flashbang Grenades.
  • Despite being blind, SCP-939 is not immune to Flashbang Grenades.
    • This is because SCP-939 instances are very sensitive to light.
  • The Flashbang Grenade's blast radius is five times larger on Surface than inside the underground section of Site-02.
  • It is possible to call the number on the Flashbang Grenade's model. Doing so will give a joke pre-recorded message. Try now, "248-434-5508". You must be in the United States for this to work. We do not take responsibility for any oversea charges you could receive by ignoring this warning.