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Health 850
Spawn Zone Heavy Containment Zone
Movement Speed Walking through Doors: 0.8 m/s 

1 hube

Normal: 4.5 m/s 

6 hubes

Special Ability Create and move to portals.
Move through doors.
Send people to the Pocket Dimension.
High damage resistance to bullets
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Class ID 3

SCP-106 is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-106 is an old humanoid entity with the powers of teleportation and ability to phase through matter. The Pocket Dimension is a dimension entirely controlled by SCP-106 that it uses to torture and kill its prey.
SCP-106 acts as a playable tank SCP, capable of taking many shots due to his bullet resistance, but is extremely weak to other sources of damage.

In Game[edit]

SCP-106 spawns in Heavy Containment Zone outside its Containment Chamber, apparently stuck at the bottom of a pit as the only exit is a locked door requiring a keycard with Containment Access 3 Janitor Icon dark.png Guard Icon dark.png ZManager icon dark.png
Scientist Icon dark.png Private Icon dark.png Owner Icon.png
Research Supervisor Icon dark.png Sergeant Icon dark.png Chaos card icon2 dark.png
CEngineer icon.png Captain Icon dark.png O5 icon.png
. However, 106 is able to walk through the door, allowing it to leave and ascend a staircase to enter Heavy Containment.

This ability extends to any other doors, windows, or gates leading to any room, with the exception of areas inaccessible to players such as the Evacuation Shelter. This allows 106 to deal with campers either by attacking everyone in the room or flushing them out into other SCPs. Doors and gates still can be helpful against 106, as its movement speed is significantly reduced when moving through objects.

SCP-106 also has resistance to damage from almost all firearms, with bullets generally dealing a measly 2 damage each. This ability makes 106 potentially the tankiest SCP in the game, despite having less than a third of SCP-173's HP. However, the Micro H.I.D. along with items such as High-Explosive Grenades or SCP-018 will bypass this resistance.

Along with these passives, SCP-106 has the ability to teleport to portals placed by him. Pressing Tab brings up a menu displaying two options; one with a portal with a small plus symbol above it and one with a portal with two arrows coming out of it. The first option places a portal directly beneath 106. This portal will remain in this position for the whole game until 106 places another portal. The second option causes 106 to sink into the ground, climbing back up at the position of the portal. There is a lengthy animation for both entering and exiting portals, during which 106 is still vulnerable. One will have to Left Click.png Left Click on an option to pick it.

Icon Meaning
106 portal create.png
Place a portal
106 portal exit.png
Teleport to the created portal

SCP-106 attack is unique as well. Upon pressing Left Click.png Left Click on a target, they will be taken to the Pocket Dimension, a small room with 8 exits. 6 of these will kill anyone who walks into them instantly. Two will allow the victim to escape, spawning them in a random room in the same zone they were captured. SCP-106 has a cooldown of 2 seconds for his attack, which will only activate on successful hits.

SCP-106 can talk to the other SCPs by holding down the Q key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs no matter the distance.

When SCP-106 reaches zero HP, an animation will play of him sinking into the ground.

Femur Breaker[edit]

The Femur Breaker.

SCP-106, despite his abilities, is not without his weaknesses.

SCP-106's greatest weakness is the Femur Breaker, which is a containment method unique to him. If a human has a Containment Access 3 Janitor Icon dark.png Guard Icon dark.png ZManager icon dark.png
Scientist Icon dark.png Private Icon dark.png Owner Icon.png
Research Supervisor Icon dark.png Sergeant Icon dark.png Chaos card icon2 dark.png
CEngineer icon.png Captain Icon dark.png O5 icon.png
keycard and another human as a sacrifice, they can enter 106's observation room and can use the Femur Breaker. Upon being used, the Femur Breaker will sound throughout the facility for about 18 seconds. Afterwards, SCP-106 sinks into the ground and is removed from the game.

MTF will not be given Respawn Tickets from SCP-106 being recontained via Femur Breaker due to the fact it despawns SCP-106 instead of dealing lethal damage.

Pocket Dimension[edit]

Inside the Pocket Dimension

The Pocket Dimension is a place where players caught by SCP-106 end up. Players lose 40 HP upon entering and cannot sprint. Their HP decays overtime, and the decay rate speeds up as time passes. There are multiple hallways around the room. Walking down the incorrect hall instantly kills the player. If the correct hallway is picked, the player will spawn in a random room in the zone they were captured in excluding SCP-106's room, SCP-096's room, Tesla Gate, and Gate A/B. The exits refresh after someone dies or escapes, making survival more or less completely random. If 106 captures a player after the Alpha Warhead has been detonated, the player is immediately killed instead of being sent to the Pocket Dimension.

Server Config[edit]

There are multiple config options for the Pocket Dimension that server owners can use. With these options server owners can make it so that items and bodies despawn in the Pocket Dimension after awhile. They can also make it so that exits change after Decontamination Process or change which rooms players spawn in after escaping.
Another option controls how many exits can there be in the Pocket Dimension at once, by default this is two.

Strengths & Weaknesses[edit]


  • Only takes a 1/10 of damage from bullets, making guns far less effective against it.
  • Can access any room in the facility.
  • Moderate speed and ability to walk through doors makes it difficult to escape.
  • Can travel great distances with teleportation.
  • Can kill/displace humans with its attack.
  • Can displace items with its attack.
  • Can instantly kill people after the nuke has gone off.


  • Femur Breaker, as it quickly removes SCP-106 from the game, taking very little time to grab one of the three keycards that can open his door.
  • Due to low HP, it can be easily recontained by the Micro-HID, Tesla Gates and Grenades.
  • Has a cooldown on its attack, making it harder to hit enemies.
  • Humans can escape SCP-106's Pocket Dimension and will spawn in a random room in the zone they were captured in.
  • 106's loud footsteps can indicate its presence from a great distance away.

Related Achievements[edit]

As any human class, dying in the Pocket Dimension grants the Newb achievement
Escaping the Pocket Dimension grants the Larry Is Your Friend! achievement.
Recontaining SCP-106 grants the Secure. Contain. Protect. achievement.


Plays throughout the whole facility when the Femur Breaker is activated.



  • SCP-106 was the first SCP to get a complete visual rework, with a new model and animations.
    • SCP-106's old model looked a lot like the model used for SCP-049-2, except for the fact that it was taller, more greyish and completely naked.
  • SCP-106 does not have a normal ragdoll upon dying. Instead, upon being killed by the Femur breaker or his HP reaches 0, he will open a portal to his Pocket Dimension and sink into it, creating a large black puddle. This puddle will then remain in place of his body for the rest of the match. Thus, similar to SCP-096 or SCP-079, they do not die.