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Appearance F1 Menu Art
SCPCAT 079.png

097doorinteract2.png Open/Close Doors (Active)
Open, close or lock doors to help fellow SCPs catch people with ease.

079lockdoor2.png Lockdown (Active)
Lockdown a room and turn off its lights, allowing SCP-173 to move freely.

079tesla2.png Tesla Overcharge (Active)
Activate Tesla Gates on anyone who walks through.

CATDECONTAM2.png Virtually Indestructible (Passive)
SCP-079 is immune to all normal forms of damage but is weak to the 3 Generators around HCZ.

CATSTATUS.png Health: 100,000 Max AP: 100 AP
AP Regen: 1.2 AP/s
Other Information
Spawn Location: Heavy Containment Zone
Weakness: Alpha Warhead and Generators
Interacts with facility systems
Automatically dies as the last SCP
Class ID 7
Article Link: Page

"I have returned once more..."
SCP-079 in the incoming SCP teaser

SCP-079 is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory. SCP-079 is an evolving AI on a small computer and can control facility functions remotely.
SCP-079 acts as a support class SCP with abilities focused on assisting other SCPs. Despite this, a competent SCP-079 player can often be one of the most dangerous SCPs in-game.
SCP-079 will never spawn as the only SCP in a given round.
The chances of SCP-079 spawning increases the more SCPs are in a given round.

In Game[edit]


SCP-079 effectively utilizes Site-02's security system to navigate and act. There are security cameras around the map that serve as its mode of navigation. 079 uses these cameras to see the room it is in, and interacts with various electronics around the facility.

SCP-079 can change between nearby cameras by using Left Click.png Left Click on a camera icon or using the WASD keys. The room SCP-079 will be brought to via WASD is based on camera rotation and not room position. Clicking on the WASD icons on the top right of his screen will also take SCP-079 to the corresponding room.

SCP-079 can also press Tab to open up a map of the current zone he is in, except while on Surface. This allows 079 to Left Click.png Left Click on any room on the map to instantly travel to it, with the AP cost depending on how far away the room is. SCP-079 can move the map with the mouse and zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel.

Cameras can be controlled by moving the mouse towards the edge of the screen, slowly moving the camera based on which edge the mouse is on. Holding down the Spacebar centers the camera on the mouse instead, allowing for faster camera movement but making it harder to interact with the facility. The settings on the main menu include an option to make Spacebar toggle between these two camera movement options, allowing one to simply press Spacebar once to change between them.

SCP-079 can talk to other SCP players using Q, regardless of the distance. Additionally, other playable SCPs are marked on 079 map's with a red square and rooms with charging Emergency Power Stations are shaded red. The map also displays how many players are alive in each faction at the top left corner.

SCP-079 can see people who are wearing SCP-268.

A competent SCP-079 player is often one of the most dangerous things in-game, as their ability to control the doors of Site-02 makes him one of the biggest threats to human players, who often utilize these doors to escape the other SCPs.

An interesting fact: Unlike every other SCP, SCP-079's class color is purple and not red, despite the fact that the Remote Admin shows him as red.


SCP-079 technically has 100,000 HP but will not be terminated or recontained even if this reaches 0. SCP-079 can only be taken are of in three different ways - termination via Alpha Warhead, recontainment by turning on all three Emergency Power Stations, or by terminating all other SCP subjects.

Three Emergency Power Stations, a.k.a Generators, spawn randomly around the Heavy Containment Zone. Each Emergency Power Station requires a keycard with Armory Access 2 Janitor Icon dark.png Guard Icon dark.png ZManager icon dark.png
Scientist Icon dark.png Private Icon.png Owner Icon dark.png
Research Supervisor Icon dark.png Sergeant Icon.png Chaos card icon2.png
CEngineer icon dark.png Captain Icon.png O5 icon.png
to unlock. Flipping the switch inside of the Power Station will turn it on. This will warn SCP-079 and mark the location of the Station on his map.
Each Emergency Power Station must be on for around two minutes to fully activate. During this time, the switch can be flipped again to turn off the Station, causing its timer to slowly count back up to the maximum. However, once the timer reaches zero, C.A.S.S.I.E. will announce the Station's activation and it cannot be turned off.
Once all three Emergency Power Stations are activated, SCP-079's room will open. Inside a button can be found to start the Overcharge mechanic, causing SCP-079 to be forced out of Site-02's systems and be recontained. Heavy Containment Zone also blackouts at this time and all doors in HCZ will close and can not be opened for a short time. Emergency Power Stations still spawn even if there's no 079 player.


Abilities icon on SCP-079's HUD

SCP-079 has many abilities he can use to interact with the facility around him.
These abilities appear as icons on the screen. A Left Click.png Left Click on these icons can activate that ability.

SCP-079 only has one ability that he can use to directly kill players, the rest of his abilities, besides Speakers, are used to assist SCPs in killing humans, or humans killing other humans.

SCP-079 will gain EXP from using the following abilities, Tesla Gates, Door Interactions, Elevator Interactions and Lockdown.

SCP-079 will gain a large amount of EXP if someone dies from a Tesla Gate he activated, or if a player dies near a door he recently interacted with.

Below is a chart showing SCP-079's abilities.

Icon Description AP Cost Tier Needed
Will quickly move to the selected camera Varies Tier 1
Door main.png
Shows available door actions when hovering over it N/A Tier 1
Open the corresponding door Varies Tier 1
Close the corresponding door Varies Tier 1
Lock a door at the cost of draining AP 4 AP/s Tier 1
Will force the corresponding elevator to be sent up or down 10 AP Tier 1
Talk through a speaker to humans at the cost of draining AP 2 AP/s Tier 1
Forces an overcharge of a Tesla Gate at the cost of a lot of AP 50 AP Tier 1
Locks down the room and turns the lights out
Allowing SCP-173 to move freely
Has a five second cooldown.
60 AP Tier 2

Lockdown ability will turn off lights for 8 seconds and lock doors for 10 seconds.
SCP-079 is unable to use the Lockdown ability in any room that has a destroyed door.
Players can use Flashlights or the Nightvision Scope attachment on the Crossvec, MTF-E11-SR, and Logicer to stop SCP-173 from moving in a Lockdown room.

Below is a chart showing how much AP is needed to open or close a door. Template:079DoorAP

Changing Zones[edit]

SCP-079's map will only show the current zone he is in. For most zones, SCP-079 has to go to an elevator to enter a different zone.
This is the same for SCP-049's room and the nuke room. To travel between EZ/HCZ, he only needs to travel between the cameras on either side of the Checkpoint at no extra AP cost.

Below is a chart showing the AP cost to change between the other zones/floors of the facility.

Icon Location AP Cost
Tp 049.png
SCP-049's hallway in HCZ 30 AP
Tp lcz.png
Elevator system A and B in HCZ 30 AP
Tp hcz.png
Elevator system A and B in LCZ 30 AP
Tp nuke.png
Nuke hallway in HCZ 30 AP
Tp ez.png
Both elevators on the Surface Zone 30 AP
Tp sz.png
Gate A and B in Entrance Zone 30 AP


As SCP-079 uses his abilities, the controlling player gains a small amount of EXP.
If anyone, even a fellow SCP, dies near a door that SCP-079 recently interacted with, SCP-079 will gain a substantial amount of EXP.
When SCP-079 gets enough EXP he levels up, gaining faster AP regeneration and a higher max AP.

General Interactions[edit]

SCP-079 will gain a small amount of EXP from interacting with things around the facility.
As SCP-079 levels up the amount of EXP earned for general interactions goes down.
While SCP-079 can no longer gain EXP at Tier 5, the EXP from general interactions still decreases.

Template:079 EXP Chart

Termination Assist[edit]

If SCP-079 kills a player with a Tesla Gate or a player dies near a door SCP-079 recently interacted with, a huge amount of EXP will be awarded.
The amount of EXP SCP-079 gains for termination assists doesn't decrease as SCP-079 gains levels.

  • SCP-079 gains 60 EXP from Scientist and SCPs
  • SCP-079 gains 35 EXP from D Class
  • SCP-079 gains 30 EXP from Nine Tailed Fox and Facility Guards
  • SCP-079 gains 20 EXP from Chaos

SCP-079 will only get half of the normal amount of EXP when helping SCP-106 catch someone.

Termination Assist EXP is still gained when SCP-079 helps a human kill another human. So helping Chaos kill a Scientist or a Facility Guard kill a Class D can be an easy way to get some quick EXP.


SCP-079 levels up as he gains EXP.
Leveling up will cause SCP-079's AP to recharge faster and reset existing EXP to 0.
Reaching Tier 2 will give SCP-079 the ability to blackout a room.

Access Tier 1:

  • 100 max energy
  • 1.2 energy regen per second
  • Open doors
  • Close doors
  • Lock doors until energy depletes
  • Open/close reinforced doors
  • Cause elevators to move
  • SCP-079 can use the speaker in a specific room to communicate to anyone in that room.

Access Tier 2:

  • Unlocks at 100 EXP
  • 110 max energy
  • 2.5 energy regen per second
  • Can use tier 1 abilities for less energy
  • Can cause the room 079 is currently in to "lock down" for several seconds causing all the doors to lock and the lights to go out.

Access Tier 3:

  • Unlocks at 150 EXP
  • 125 max energy
  • 4.1 energy regen per second

Access Tier 4:

  • Unlocks at 220 EXP
  • 150 max energy
  • 6.8 energy regen per second

Access Tier 5:

  • Unlocks at 350 EXP
  • 200 max energy
  • 11.2 energy regen per second

AP Regen Rate[edit]

The rate at which SCP-079 regenerates AP is based on what tier SCP-079 is at.

  • Tier 1 - 1.2 AP/s
  • Tier 2 - 2.5 AP/s
  • Tier 3 - 4.1 AP/s
  • Tier 4 - 6.8 AP/s
  • Tier 5 - 11.2 AP/s

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Immune to any standard attacks.
  • Can close doors on humans so SCPs can catch up to them.
  • Can use a map to move quickly around a zone.
  • Can talk to humans utilizing speakers found in certain rooms.
  • Not affected by SCP-268.
  • Extremely powerful with great teamwork.


  • Turning on all 3 Emergency Power Stations And hitting the Switch in its Containment Chamber recontains SCP-079.
  • AP recharges slowly at low tiers.
  • Easily killed by the Alpha Warhead.
  • Automatically dies if all SCP buddies die.


  • SCP-079's power is referred to as "mana" in the game files, a reference to how Fantasy games manage magic power.
  • SCP-079 was temporarily removed from the game in version 1.0.0 due to many complaints about him being unfun and boring to play, in Megapatch I SCP-079 was added back to the game with a rework.
    • Pre-rework SCP-079 had no AP or EXP. Instead SCP-079 would have to hack a door, camera or tesla to use it. The time varied depending on what was getting hacked, with somethings taking up to 30 seconds. After hacking a door or tesla, a menu would pop up with actions to perform by using the number keys. Doors could only be locked if SCP-079's special ability was available and they would only be locked for a set time. SCP-079 could not interact with elevators.
    • Pre-rework SCP-079 would turn the cameras with the WASD keys and could zoom in with the scroll wheel.
    • Old SCP-079 was not killed with Emergency Power Stations and was instead terminated by shooting his monitor, which took about two shots.
    • Pre-rework SCP-079 could be killed in less than a minute if NTF got lucky with the random loot from Entrance Zone. As there was a small chance for the Cabinets in Walkway Office to have a Facility Manager in it.
  • SCP-079 was the first SCP to get a rework, completely changing SCP-079's mechanics as well as adding EXP and AP.
  • When SCP-079 was first re-implemented there was a bug that caused the Alpha Warhead to not kill SCP-079, making ending the round impossible end in a Stalemate or MTF Win.
  • SCP-079's model is based off a Synco CRT Monitor TM-1 200, the SCP-079 model it self even says Pynco on it.
    • An interesting fact: SCP-079 displays a white X on its screen despite the fact the Synco CRT can only display green text.
  • Because SCP-079 is only immune to Micro HIDs, guns and explosions; other sources of damage such as the Tesla Gate, can kill SCP-079 if you teleport his hitbox in the way.
    • The Chaos Car would leave SCP-079 with only one HP.