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Basic Info
Type Pistol
Cartridge Type 9x19mm
Ammo Capacity 12 (+1)
Manufacturer PG Arms
Advanced Apartment Corp. (Suppressor)
Basic Stats
Fire Rate 300 5 bullets per second
Damage Falloff The max distance a bullet will travel
before being affected by damage fall off
Equip Time 0.5s
Pick-Up Time Higher weight increases time 0.36s Unrounded value: 0.35875s
Weight 0.65kg
Length 18cm
Bullet Accuracy The overall accuracy of the gun.
This value is added to Hip Fire and Aiming Accuracy.
Hip Fire Accuracy This value is added to Bullet Accuracy with rounding. 1.7° 1.9° (with Bullet Accuracy)
Aiming Accuracy This value is added to Bullet Accuracy without rounding.
Values past the 100th place are not shown ingame.
0.25° 0.45° (with Bullet Accuracy)
Running Accuracy 2.4°
Other Info
Attachment Comb  8
Spawn Locations LCZ - Water Closet
LCZ - Glass Room
LCZ - Test Chamber 1
LCZ - SCP-173's room
Obtainable from 914? True
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension High Tier (0%)
Inspired by Ruger SR9c
Spawn ID 13

The COM-15 is a non Foundation issued Firearm in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It is a weak sidearm, that can quickly be acquired and used in Light Containment Zone.

Operational Guide[edit]

An unassuming 9mm pistol. It’s compact, reliable, and low-capacity. Not a bad gun, but it doesn’t stack up to other foundation equipment.

As you stare down its barrel, you wonder why its owner wasn’t more mindful of where they put it…

“Don’t even get me started on how hard it was to get permission to carry this thing! The amount of paperwork was absurd. I had to get at least three written letters from my colleagues that said I was of “good character”, as if I was planning a mass-shooting in a facility with armed guards everywhere. Then I had to go through some “Breach Response Training Course” to prove I knew how to use the thing. Even after I got approval to bring it into the facility, and registered it with the workstation database, they still won’t let me carry it concealed. It always has to be kept in a clearly-visible holster. I’m just parading the thing around for all the Class-D to see. If one of them ends up grabbing it and holding me hostage, or just killing me, I wouldn’t be surprised. The idea of me needing to defend myself is such a wild concept to whoever runs this place. I’m starting to wonder if going through the approval process was even worth it. I’m telling you, if they don’t give me permission to carry it concealed soon, it is bound to be misused.”
-Dr. David Bonardi, Junior Researcher, Site-02

In Game[edit]

The COM-15 is a very powerful, early-round weapon that Class-Ds and Scientists can use against each other. With a medium headshot damage, the COM-15 is effective for threatening other players in Light Containment Zone for their items, or outright killing them. However, the weapon's low penetration (20%) makes it less effective against Armored opponents.

Unlike other firearms found throughout the Facility, the COM-15 is not a Foundation-issued sidearm and was instead brought in by Junior Researcher, Dr. Bonardi. Because of this, the COM-15 does not spawn in any armory and instead spawns in one of four different rooms within Light Containment Zone. These rooms are:

Only one COM-15 naturally spawns in a round.

The COM-15's reload animations becomes slightly longer when reloading a COM-15 that contains an empty magazine.

Holding down the E key on a player with the firearm equipped will disarm the player.


Attachment Stats
Standard Barrel
Default Attachment
Bullet Accuracy +25%
Gunshot Loudness -60%
Flash Suppression
Equip Time +0.17s
Length +94%
Weight +46%

Attachment Changes
JHP Magazine
Default Attachment
Extended JHP Magazine
Magazine Capacity +5
Equip Time +0.06s
Weight +46%

Attachment Changes
Default Attachment
Light Source
Equip Time +0.03s
Weight +31%


No Armor Light Armor Combat Armor Heavy Armor
Ammo Type 9x19 mm 9x19 mm 9x19 mm 9x19 mm
Penetration 20% 20% 20% 20%
Body (100%) 25 17 13 9
Limb (70%) 17.5 17.5 17.5 17.5
Head (200%) 50 50 18 18
AHP (30%) 7.5 5.1 3.9 2.7
Burned (125%) 31.25 21.25 16.25 11.25
One hit to kill.
Two hits to kill.
Three hits to kill.
Four hits to kill.
Five hits to kill.


  • These values are auto calculated by Mediawiki, there may be some rounding differences between it and Unity, so some values may be off by a tiny bit.
  • Armor does not reduce limb damage.
  • Shotgun does not deal headshot or limb damage.
  • SCPs do not take limb or headshot damage besides SCP-049-2.
  • SCP-049 has 20% bullet resistance. Hume Shield does not have any resistance
  • SCP-173's bullet resistance is the same as Heavy Armor. Hume Shield does not have any resistance
  • Combat Armor and Heavy Armor have the same protection level against headshots. While Light Armor has no protection against headshots
  • The rows listed as AHP represents how much damage HP takes while under the effects of AHP. It does not represent how much AHP is lost.



Official 2.1k Render


  • "COM" in COM-15 does not stand for anything, and is simply random letters.