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The Inventory is a Mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory used to limit the amount of items and ammo a player can hold. The Inventory allows the player to store items and pull them out for use by pressing Tab to open the inventory. Players can also uses hotkeys to pull out an item of a certain type.

In Game

Players can only hold a certain amount of a type of item. The max limit changes depending on the item type, and for certain types of items, changed based on the armor type worn.
Server owners can change the item limit and ammo limit in the gameplay config.

Item Limits

Item limits can be set to any value from 0 to 8.
8 is the total number of inventory slots.
Setting a limit to 0 makes it impossible for that type of item to be picked up.

By default, a player can hold:

Flashlights and Coins have no item limit and are only limited by the eight inventory spaces a person has.

Candy Bag

Main article: Candy Bag

The Candy Bag

The Candy Bag is an item that is used to hold pieces of candy acquired from SCP-330. The item is automatically added to the player's inventory when using SCP-330 and is removed when the player no longer has any more pieces of candy in their inventory. The Candy Bag acts as its own inventory, that can be accessed by clicking on the Candy Bag within the player's inventory. All pieces of candy the player has picked up can be found here, and the player can only hold six pieces of candy at max as well as carry only one bag of candy at a time. Picking up Candy Bags on the ground while already carrying a Candy Bag will simply add to the one in the player's inventory in a clockwise fashion. If the player hits the limit of six candies, any left overs will stay in the bag on the ground, otherwise that bag disappears.
The inventory for the Candy Bag is a simplified version of the main inventory, so it lacks the sorting function.


Hotkeys are a key bidding option where players can hit a key to pull out an item of a certain type. Each item type that has a hotkey button has a priority system, which affects what item the player will take out if they have multiple of the same type. So if the player has two Keycards, the player will always pull out the Keycard higher in the priority list. Despite not being able to open one, SCPs have an inventory, making it possible for them to equip items given to them via Remote Admin by using hotkeys.


Default Key: Left Control
The priority list of Keycards. The player will pull out the best Keycard that opens a nearby keycard door, even if they have a Keycard of a higher priority. For example, if the player has both a Zone Manager Keycard and a Scientist Keycard and is near SCP-096's Containment Chamber, the player will pull out the Scientist Keycard because it can open the door, despite the fact Zone Manager is higher in the priority list.


Medical Item

Default Key: X
The Priority List is the following:

The game will override this list based on the last Medical Item the player has equipped.



Default Key: G
The priority list of Grenades.
The game will override this list based on the last Grenade the player has equipped.



Default Key: Num 1 (Primary)
Default Key: Num 2 (Secondary)
Weapons have two hotkeys, one for "Primary" and one for "Secondary". What the game sees as primary and secondary is based on the order of the weapons in your inventory. The weapon closest to the top most right slot following a clockwise pattern is considered your primary. Hitting the Primary Weapon Hotkey will only draw it, while hitting the Secondary Hotkey will only draw the other firearm in your inventory.


The player can throw any item they are holding, depending on the item different effects can happen, with some items being able to break glass if they are heavy enough and thrown at a fast enough speed. Thrown Keycards are able to open/close any Keycard required door (provided they hit the NFC Reader next to the door).
SCP-018, SCP-244, and SCP-2176 can be activated when thrown.


The ammo limit is based on what armor the player is wearing.
Ammo limits can be set at any values from 0 to 65.5k.
Unlike with items, setting the value to 0 makes the limit infinity.
Throughout Site-02, rounds of ammo used for Foundation issued weapons, such as the Crossvec or MTF-E11-SR can be found in the site. Ammo used for Chaos Insurgency firearms can not be found within Site-02, and can only be acquired is via SCP-914, or collecting it off deceased Chaos Insurgents.
Military Classes will always spawn with the same amount of bullets no matter what magazine attachment their firearm uses. For example, MTF Sergeants spawns with 120 rounds of 5.56x45mm bullets, and their MTF-E11-SR uses the 40 FMJ Mag. So 40 rounds are removed from the pool and placed into the firearm, leaving them with 80 rounds in reserve. If the MTF Sergeants were to instead spawn with the 65 FMJ Drum Mag, then the game will remove 65 rounds from the 120 pool to fill the MTF-E11-SR, leaving only 55 rounds in reserve.

The default Ammo Limit for players without Armor:

  • 9x19mm - 30 Rounds
  • 5.56x45mm - 40 Rounds
  • 7.62x39mm - 40 Rounds
  • 12/70 Buckshot - 14 Rounds
  • .44 Mag - 18 Rounds

Ammo Limit for Light Armor:

  • 9x19mm - 60 Rounds
  • 5.56x45mm - 40 Rounds
  • 7.62x39mm - 40 Rounds
  • 12/70 Buckshot - 14 Rounds
  • .44 Mag - 18 Rounds

Ammo Limit for Combat Armor:

  • 9x19mm - 160 Rounds
  • 5.56x45mm - 120 Rounds
  • 7.62x39mm - 120 Rounds
  • 12/70 Buckshot - 54 Rounds
  • .44 Mag - 48 Rounds

Ammo Limit for Heavy Armor:

  • 9x19mm - 200 Rounds
  • 5.56x45mm - 200 Rounds
  • 7.62x39mm - 200 Rounds
  • 12/70 Buckshot - 74 Rounds
  • .44 Mag - 68 Rounds


9x19mm Drop Model
5.56x45mm Drop Model
7.62x39mm Drop Model
.44 Mag Drop Model
12/70 Buckshot Drop Model


  • Before Armor was added in the Parabellum Update (v11.0.0), ammo limits were based off the player's class.
    • Class-D and Scientist could hold a maximum of 50 rounds of 9mm, 80 rounds of 5.56mm, and 70 rounds of 7.62mm.
    • Facility Guards and all types of MTF could hold a maximum of 200 rounds of 9mm, 160 rounds of 5.56mm, and 100 rounds of 7.62mm.
    • Chaos Insurgents could hold a maximum of 100 rounds of 9mm, 80 rounds of 5.56mm, and 200 rounds of 7.62mm.
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